Dog Training In Colorado Springs

Not A Bully Dog Training offers science-based dog training for puppies and adult dogs of any breed and age.

Our certified professional dog trainers (CPDT-KA) offer both private dog training in your home and a variety of group training classes for both puppies and adult dogs. 

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Dog Training Services

We have something for every dog and every pet parent!

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Adult Dog Group Training Classes

Build trust with your dog while learning basic manners and important commands like sit, stay, come and more.

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Puppy Group Training Classes

Help your puppy develop into a happy, healthy dog! Curriculum includes socialization, leash walking, house training and much more.

Private Dog Training

Private, one-on-one dog training in your home. Work on everything from basic obedience to leash reactivity or aggression issues.

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Meet Your Local Dog Trainer

Zoie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) with 12 years of experience training dogs and managing behavior programs in animal shelters throughout Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming.

Because of her background in animal sheltering and welfare, Zoie is particularly passionate and skilled in supporting animals experiencing fear and anxiety after being rehomed or experiencing abuse.

Learn more about Zoie here.

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Meet Our Happy Pet Parents

"We are absolutely thrilled with the progress Max has made since he started training with Zoie!

Before, Max would pull on the leash...endlessly! Now, he's a perfect little gentleman on our daily strolls, staying right by my side."
Karen and Max
"Coco and I loved Zoie's group classes!

The sessions were not only educational but also a great way for Coco to interact with other adult dogs. We've both learned valuable skills. Coco had a blast too!"
Zack and Coco
"Our puppy Ziggy had an absolute blast spending time with all the puppies. Not only did he learn a lot (so did I) but he also slept great after training.
Highly recommend any class from Zoie and looking forward to signing up for more!"
ziggy puppy class graduate
Mike, Denise and Ziggy

Our Dog Training Philosophy

We always use methods that encourage trust and communication, which starts with a strong foundation of positive reinforcement. Training should be fun, encouraging, and effective! 

When your dog understands what you want and you understand what your dog needs- there is no limit to what you and your dog can do!

Having worked in animal shelters for decades, we have seen the wide variety of behaviors and challenges that dogs and their owners face, so there is truly nothing that surprises us.

It also means we are uniquely aware of the impact a dog’s history has on their current behavior. If you’ve adopted a dog from a local shelter or rescue, you may be experiencing behavioral challenges that have nothing to do with you or your home environment, but are instead responses your dog is having due to learned behavior in their past.

Puppies are no different! What they experience in their first 12 weeks of life can be just as impactful as their genetics. Starting training in puppyhood ensures a strong relationship between you and your dog and reduces the likelihood of behavioral challenges presenting later in life.

We do not use any fancy tools in our group classes. Instead we focus on building communication with a good ‘ol flat collar and leash, as well as lots of treats and praise! Our goal is to figure out how you and your dog can communicate with each other naturally, clearly, and with trust. 

Even if your dog has a solid understanding of commands, they can benefit from group or private training to keep them mentally engaged, learning, and growing; which is extremely important to their health and happiness, and yours too!

Our Service Area

We provide private dog training to all parts of the Colorado Springs metro area including: 

  • Colorado Springs
  • Monument
  • Palmer Lake
  • Calhan
  • Cascade
  • Fountain
  • Manitou Springs
  • Peyton
  • Ramah
  • Rush
  • Woodland Park
  • Yoder
  • Black Forest
  • Green Mountain Falls

What's With The Name?

The Not A Bully brand started in 2012 with photographer Douglas Sonders’ “I Am Not A Bully” campaign. Sonders set out to show the softer of the “bully breed” by taking amazing photos of pitties.

The goal was to show that a dog’s breed doesn’t make them “bully” and that every pup is an individual. 

Even though Sonders has moved on, Not A Bully is still committed to helping pet parents gain a deeper understanding of their dogs through educational content, group training, and private behavior modification.

We still think that whether we’re talking about breed or behavior modification, every dog is an individual and we should check our assumptions at the door. 

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Our Colorado Springs Location

1720 W Bijou St
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Please note, this address is an administrative location only Training classes are not held at this location. 

Regular Hours
Mon – Fri: 8:30 am – 7:30 pm
Sat: 8:30 am – 7:30 pm
Sun: 8:30 am – 7:30 pm