Group Dog Training Classes In Colorado Springs

Not A Bully Dog Training offers a variety of group dog training classes for puppies and adults that ensure a strong foundation of understanding between you and your dog for their lifetime!

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zoie keast head dog trainer

Meet Your Dog Trainer

Zoie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) with 12 years of experience training dogs and managing behavior programs in animal shelters throughout Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming.

There are less than 5,400 CPDT-KA professionals in the world and we’re so proud to have Zoie leading our team!

Find The Right Class For You And Your Dog!

"Puppy Basics" Class 🐾

Did you know that dogs develop lifelong behaviors in their first 16 weeks?

This critical period is when our puppies learn trust, communication, socialization, and impulse control.

Set you and your pup up for success by enrolling in “Puppy Basics” classes where your puppy will learn these critical skills and much more!

“Puppy Basics” is offered monthly. Each session is 1 hour and the class occurs over 4 consecutive sessions. 

  • Puppy stages of development and what to expect as your dog grows.
  • Proper and polite interactions with other dogs and strangers. 
  • Building confidence and tolerance to new, strange, and scary environments. 
  • How to prevent future behavioral issues. 
  • Basic commands like sit, down, leave it, and more!
  • How to discourage nipping, chewing, biting, and other frustrating puppy behaviors.
  • How to make vet visits, nail trims, and grooming stress-free for you and your pup!
  • Build trust, communication, and understanding with your pup. 
  • Introduction to good leash behavior to discourage pulling and tugging as your dog grows. 
  • See photos, video and learn more about our “Puppy Basics” class here.
  • Are at least 12 weeks old, and younger than 6 months. 
  • Have no contagious illness within the last 3 weeks.
  • Have received at least two core vaccines (distemper, parvo combo vaccines). 
  • Are not overwhelmingly scared or anxious.
If your puppy is younger than six months and has shown signs of aggression towards other dogs or people, group class may still be a good option for them. Please call us to discuss your puppy and situation. 
Reintroduction to other dogs and people in a controlled environment may help you avoid a lifetime of fear or potentially worsening aggression.

"Adult Basics" Class 🐕

This class sets you up with foundational knowledge and skills to have a long, happy, and healthy relationship with your dog. 

If you are struggling with your dog’s energy levels, indifference to your commands, have a new dog, or are just looking for an opportunity to do something fun with your dog- this is the class for you!

“Adult Basics’ is offered several times a month. Each session is 1 hour and the class occurs over 4 consecutive sessions. 

  • Understanding behavior marking, rewarding and reinforcing commands, and the psychology behind your dog’s behavior.
  • Building tolerance and confidence to new, strange, or scary environments. 
  • Learning commands such as sit, down, stay, leave it, come, and many others!
  • Making vet visits, nail trims, and grooming stress-free for you and your dog.
  • Meeting new dogs and new people safely and calmly.
  • Understanding normal and abnormal behavior.
  • Having fun, building trust, and connecting with your dog.
  • See photos, videos, and learn more about our “Adult Basics” obedience training classes here.
  • At least 6 months old.
  • Not aggressively reactive towards other dogs (barking, growling, or lunging) and not overly difficult to distract.
  • Food motivated.
  • Not overwhelmingly scared or anxious.

If you have any questions or concerns about whether your dog would do well in Adult Basics class, don’t hesitate to call us and we can talk through your concerns.

We believe every dog, and every person, deserves the chance to learn free of fear, embarrassment, or pressure! 

We’re confident we can find the right training class for you and your dog!

"Leash Walking Basics" Class 🦮

Pulling, barking, and unruly behavior on leash are the main complaints we get as dog trainers.

Don’t wait for leash manners to get terrible before you take our class!

This is a great secondary class to Adult and Puppy Basics, or for any dog that needs some help learning to calm down, feel comfortable, and enjoy a walk in the park…like it’s a walk in the park!

“Leash Walking Basics’ is offered several times a month. Each session is 1 hour and the class occurs over 2 consecutive sessions. 

  • How to stop pulling, zig-zagging, jumping, and lunging on leash. 
  • Using the leash as a communication tool, not for control. 
  • Walking nicely at your side, a formal “heel.”
  • Walking casually without pulling or stopping, “loose leash walking.” 
  • How to prevent or correct leash reactivity and overexcitement. 
  • Keeping your dog’s attention among multiple distractions. 
  • How to properly greet other dogs on leash. 
  • Dogs that have a general knowledge of sit, stay, and come. If your dog does not yet have a good foundation of these types of commands, start with “Adult Basics” first!
  • Dogs that are not overtly reactive when on leash towards other dogs or people. If your dog is so reactive (barking, growling, pulling, lunging) to other dogs or people when on leash, this class may not be a good fit. We recommend working one on one with our trainers to address this first.
  • Dogs over 5 months of age. If your dog is under 5 months, start with “Puppy Basics.”
  • Dogs that are not so overwhelmed that they “pancake” or freeze when on leash. This behavior is reflective of severe fear. Work with our trainers one-on-one to help them gain confidence first.

"Focus On Fundamentals" Mini Classes 📚

Deep dive into rotating topics that will allow you to fine-tune your and your dog’s skills!

Classes are single sessions and focus on different advanced or complex commands and behaviors.

Coming Soon

  • Increasing Response Times. How to turn a 30 second “stay” into a 5 minute “stay”.
  • Supercharging your Markers. Get your dog to listen to you Every. Single. Time. 
  • Door Manners, keeping your dog from jumping up or barking at the door. 
  • Building Thresholds, how to increase your dog’s impulse control. 
  • Many, many more!
  • Dogs that have completed Adult Basics or Puppy Basics.
  • Dogs that have a general understanding of commands, but struggle to perform consistently. 
  • Dogs and owners that want to improve their skills and learn different ways to approach commands and challenges
dog on a wagging walkabout

"Wagging Walkabouts" Mini Class and Social Hour 🦮🚶‍♂️

Take your leash walking skills into real life scenarios with a dog trainer as back up! 

Wagging Walkabouts are scheduled on different days in different environments so we can problem solve through real-time scenarios and encounters! 

Connect with your friends from group class and enjoy a pack-walk through the beautiful parks and neighborhoods of Colorado Springs!

You and your pup must complete Leash Walking Class before being able to participate in Wagging Walkabouts. 

Dates and locations will vary throughout the summer months. Come as often as you’d like!

Coming Soon

See All Dog Training Classes 📅

Vaccination Requirements For Classes and Walkabouts 🩺

Requirements For Puppy Training Classes

  • At least two Distemper Combo (DA2PP or DHPP) vaccines
  • Have at least one Bordetella vaccine, if age-appropriate
  • Rabies vaccine, if age-appropriate
  • No history of aggression towards other animals or people
  • Not currently experiencing symptoms of infectious respiratory illness, vomiting, or diarrhea

Requirements For Adult Dog Training Classes

  • Current on all vaccinations including Rabies, Distemper Combo Vaccine (DA2PP or DHPP), and Bordetella
  • No history of aggression towards other animals or people
  • Not currently experiencing symptoms of infectious respiratory illness, vomiting, or diarrhea

Is My Dog A Good Fit For Group Training? 🤔

Group class isn’t just for learning commands!

If your dog becomes overly excited, rambunctious, fearful, avoidant, or defensive and seems to stop listening to you; they need help and group training class is a great place for them to start developing control, confidence, and trust. 

By working on commands in a controlled but distracting environment, our dogs will learn to manage their emotions and engage with you despite whatever else may be more interesting to them. 

Group class is also work for you, though! You want to trust your dog, right? 

Well, your dog needs to be able to trust you too! Trust is the foundation of effective training!

We will work together to identify how your dog tells you they are scared, overwhelmed, or overstimulated. Sometimes these behaviors are so subtle, you may not even notice them. That’s why working with a professional trainer is critical! We are trained to see those subtle indicators and help you understand your dog’s needs. 

Still, not every dog is a great fit and if you have any concerns about whether your dog would do well in class, please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss you and your dog’s specific situation. We are here to help and will find the right situation to ensure your dog is learning and happy.

Frequently Asked Questions Classes

For all classes, we ask that a maximum of two pet parents attend. Unfortunately, children under 12 are not able to attend class for their safety and out of consideration for the other dogs. 

Many dogs are not familiar with children and can be scared by them. It’s not the dog’s fault or the child’s, just a reality of dog behavior. We’d hate for anyone to be scared or unsafe- both child and dog! 

We love multi-dog households and encourage you to enroll both dogs in class! But you must have one adult handler per dog. 

The most important thing to bring to class is enthusiasm and excitement for working and learning with your dog! 

Next is definitely treats!

Food is a primary reinforcer, which means dogs are already inherently motivated to work for food. But in today’s day and age, our dogs don’t have to work for their meals much. So to keep your dog motivated and engaged, they must be a little bit hungry. 

I recommend feeding ½ or ¾ their normal meal size on the day of class and reserving the last bit of kibble for class. 

Mix the kibble with their favorite treats, like cheese or hot dogs together in a plastic baggy and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how hard they’ll work for it!

Keep in mind that large amounts of rich treats can easily upset our dog’s stomachs and cause discomfort, diarrhea, and vomiting. We use a lot of treats in class, so that’s why we recommend mixing them with kibble. 

You can bring a treat pouch to class if you want, but a pocket works just as well. Just make sure you have a way to keep both hands free- one will be holding the leash, and the other giving the treats. 

Bring your pup on a standard flat collar or martingale collar, and a 4 or 6 ft. leash. If you typically walk your dog on a harness or any type of no-pull muzzle or collar, be able to switch them to their regular collar during class.

Please No:

  • Retractable leashes
  • Choke chains or pinch collars
  • Harnesses
  • Easy-walk, Halti, or Headcollars
  • Electronic or Shock Collars

As for you, please wear close-toed, non-slip shoes. I recommend long pants. Please also do not wear sunglasses or hats during class, as those can be scary to some dogs! 

Training class is fun, but a little bit crazy! We will get a little dirty, a little slobbered on, and maybe even peed on! But what wouldn’t we do for our dogs, right?

Our Head Trainer, Zoie Keast, currently teaches all classes.

Zoie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) with 12 years of experience training dogs and managing behavior programs in animal shelters throughout Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming.

The location will vary between classes. You can see the location of each class on the calendar before you schedule. 

It depends on the type of class. All classes in our “Basics” curriculum have a maximum of 6 dogs. 

Many of our advanced classes have fewer dogs. 

Our leash walking and group social classes can have as many as 10 dogs. 

We know training class is a big time commitment! Standard training classes are 6-8 weeks, but we know that’s a tough sell for busy families, so we turbocharge our classes to cover all curriculum in 4 weeks! 

Because we cover so much in those 4 weeks, its important you attend them all. But we also know life happens. We aren’t able to offer any refunds but we will work with every client to make sure they get the lessons they need. 

That could be a private session or working them into another class at another date.