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Zoie Keast, CPDT

Zoie Keast is a certified pet dog trainer with more than a decade of experience working training dogs and managing behavior programs in open-admission animal shelters throughout Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming.  

Zoie is head trainer for the Not A Bully Dog Training Colorado Springs location


Because of her dedication to animal sheltering and welfare, Zoie is particularly passionate and skilled in supporting animals experiencing fear and anxiety after being rehomed or experiencing abuse.

Throughout her experience in animal sheltering Zoie has worked with tens of thousands different dogs, cats, pocket pets, exotic animals, and livestock through direct care,evaluation, behavioral modification, and training.

Despite that, one of the things Zoie most enjoys about her work is that she still “hasn’t seen it all” and is surprised, delighted, and challenged by what she learns from animals everyday.

Zoie does not ascribe to one training method, instead she recognizes that all animals are unique individuals with complex needs.

Her goal is always to assess the dog AND the owner to determine what factors will influence the success of training and behavior modification. Communication between a pet and their owner is not always easy!

Education & Certifications

Certified Pet Dog Trainer, 2021

Articles Reviewed By Zoie Keast, CPDT

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