Meet The “Not A Bully” Team

dr georgina ushi phillips

Dr. Georgina “Gina” Ushi Phillips –Veterinarian

Dr. Georgina Ushi Phillips completed her undergraduate education at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

She graduated from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009 and worked at an emergency clinic in Tampa for nearly ten years. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Florida Veterinary Medical Association, and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society.

In her free time, Dr. Ushi enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her husband, two children, and her Hound Mix Pearle.

Dr. Phillips is essential to the great content we produce on Whether it’s explaining the impact of hot weather on dogs or providing useful tips for picking the perfect crate for your Rottweiler, Dr. Ushi is a critical part of the team!

Dr. Phillips has also written for other popular pet publications including PetMD and has also been featured across multiple platforms including Reader’s Digest, AARP, Single Care, and many more!

Logan Mastrianna – Founder and Head Writer

Logan is the founder of and regularly writes for the site as well. He’s always had a soft spot for bully breeds, especially Rotties.

Prior to starting Not A Bully, Logan had a decade-long career in animal welfare where he worked as the Veterinary Services Manager for one of the largest animal shelters in the country. In that role, we worked with dozens of veterinary technicians, veterinarians, and veterinary assistants. He also got a chance to take part in a few veterinary studies.

alix mitchell not a bully author, veterinary technician and dog trainer

Alix Mitchell – Veterinary Technician and Professional Dog Trainer

Alix Mitchell is a former veterinary technician turned dog trainer which means she’s able to approach any canine problem from multiple angles!

Alix Mitchell has worked in the veterinary industry for 3+ years, but she has been able to combine her love of writing and passion for animals on her blog, Fetch for Me, Human along with being an important contributor to Not A Bully.

She enjoys learning and blogging about canine behavior and positive reinforcement training, as well as enhancing the human-animal bond and better nutrition for pets.

Alix lives in West Virginia with her husband and two dogs. She is a self-proclaimed nerd and constantly self-educating by reading and researching on pet related topics. She has attended various training seminars, including a Reactive Rover workshop given by Pat Miller. She also participates in Nosework and trick training with her own dog, Buster. She’s a featured contributor on Victoria Stillwell’s Positively and you can also find her on LinkedIn.

Maggie Theisen professional dog trainer

Maggie Theisen – Professional Dog Trainer

Maggie is an experienced dog trainer and former dog daycare owner. She competes in dog agility and when she is not writing or dog training; Maggie can usually be found hiking in the Montana backcountry with her five rescue dogs.

jessican warning veterinary technician

Jessica Warning – Veterinary Technician

Jessica grew up with a pack of six chihuahuas and two cats, so her love for animals started young! With years of experience in the animal husbandry field caring for companion animals (birds, reptiles, rodents, fish, cats, and of course dogs), she began her venture into the veterinary field and has been gaining experience as a vet technician since.

In her free time, you can find her cuddling with her three kitties (and gecko when he lets her), maintaining her fish tanks, or exploring the natural beauty of the Florida Keys and Everglades! You can find her on LinkedIn here.

marissa jacky veterinary technician

Marissa Jacky – Veterinary Technician

Marissa is a Registered Veterinary Technician with over 7 years of clinical experience working with animals. She has loved animals since she was a child and continues to work with them today while also writing.

Marissa made the news when she helped save an owl’s life after a collision with a car. You can also find her on TikTok where she shares stories about life as a veterinary technician.

sarah crothers professional dog trainer

Sarah Crothers – Professional Dog Trainer

Professional dog-to-human translator (aka Dog Trainer) with over 20 years experience, including shelter work, animal control, my own private training business, and acting as a K9 Unit Captain for wilderness Search & Rescue. My 2 German Shepherds and 1 Siberian Husky mix keep my busy, along with my 8 cats (I am also a crazy cat lady) and my axolotl Fin Diesel (he’s all about family).