About Us

Hey there!

I’m Logan and this is Not A Bully! Here I am with a little pup:


Okay, while that might not be a bully breed, that’s just one of the thousands (and thousands) of dogs I met while working in a large shelter in Colorado.

Sadly, bully breeds don’t have it easy in shelters. Between public bias and destructive breed-specific legislation bully breeds have a hard road to adoption. I experienced first-hand the negative impacts of breed-specific legislation as it completely changed the face of shelters in Denver and nearby areas.

I started this site to carry on the tradition of providing positive education around bully breed dogs. We also cover fun facts, answer common questions, and product reviews too. But as the site has continued to grow, we’ve also started writing about more than bully breeds and you’ll find information on just about any big or misunderstood breed.

But no matter what we do, there’s one message that I want to drive home: breed doesn’t make a bully.