Our Editorial Guidelines

About Us

Not A Bully is committed to helping pet parents gain a deeper understanding of their dogs by providing authoritative, trustworthy, and well-researched educational content about their dog’s behavior along with providing virtual dog training at affordable prices

The Not A Bully brand started back in 2012 with photographer Douglas Sonders’ “I Am Not A Bully” campaign. Sonders set out to show the softer of the “bully breed” by taking amazing photos of pitties.

The point was simple: breed doesn’t make a bully and these beautiful pups don’t deserve the stigma that they so often receive.

The campaign came to a close a few years later but the Not A Bully mission continued, just in a different way. Logan Mastrianna took over a decided to continue the mission education but this time by creating educational content that not only explained the behavior of the often stigmatized bully breeds but of all dogs.

Today, we work with a large team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and professional dog trainers to create educational, actionable and entertaining content for pup parents across the world. 

Not A Bully isn’t sponsored by any major company or brand. The ads you see keep our site live and support our team. 

Editorial Principles

It’s one thing to say you’re focused on creating authoritative, trustworthy, and well-researched education content…but what does that really mean? 

Our set of editorial principles allow us achieve these goals: 

All new content that appears on Not A Bully is reviewed by a veterinarian. These veterinary reviewers have a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and are licensed to practice veterinary medicine. 

Additionally, because we focus so much on helping pet parents understand behavior, much of our content has been written by or reviewed by a professional dog trainer. In many cases, an article may have been reviewed by multiple dog trainers or veterinarians in order to provide our readers a wider range of expertise and experience. 

All older content is actively being reviewed by veterinarians and will be updated within the next several months. 

Content Review Process

We focus on writers that have real world experience working with dogs. Our writers come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences including clinical, shelter and educational work.

Here’s what our content review process looks like:

1. Once one of our expert writers creates an article, it goes to the editing team for review.

2. After it’s reviewed by our editors, we send it over to one or more of our veterinarians for review. Additionally, many articles, especially those that cover a broader subject, will be reviewed by a professional dog trainer.

3. The article is once again sent to an editor for an additional review.

4. The article is published and shared with Not A Bully Readers around the world!

We Welcome Your Feedback

We do our absolute best to create the best possible content for pet parents. But we also know that we always do better. 

We welcome feedback from our readers! Tell us what you loved about our content or what you thought we could have done better. You can email Not A Bully’s Editor-in-Chief directly at Logan@NotABully.org.