16 Dog Breeds That Look Like Yorkies (With Videos)

Dog Breeds That Look Like Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, are small lapdogs that come from England and were originally ratters in mines. Later they became popular as lapdogs for the Victorian aristocracy.

The AKC calls them a “true personality breed” because of their feisty attitude in a tiny, 7-pound package. Yorkies are great dogs for city dwellers, especially in apartments, because of their size, limited exercise needs, and fun personality.

Their hypoallergenic coat is almost like human hair and requires daily grooming so it does not get tangled, especially if you plan on keeping it floor-length show-ready. Their bluish-black and gold coat is classic, but many people decide to clip it short because of how high maintenance Yorkie’s long locks can be.  

A lot of people like the look of the Yorkshire Terrier, but might want something a little different. So what dog breeds look like Yorkies?

There are many dogs similar to Yorkies, some are more durable and bigger, and some come in different colors like white. Most of these Yorkie lookalike breeds are also terriers, you can expect a lot of personality. Hopefully, you can find a dog that has the Yorkie aesthetics you love but suits your lifestyle. 

So whether you like their black and gold color, their sturdy terrier stature, or their long wispy coat, there are a lot of breeds of dogs that look like Yorkies. Let’s explore 16 of these breeds from around the world. 

What Looks Like A Yorkie But Is Bigger?

Competing with other teacup breeds like the toy poodle and the chihuahua, the Yorkie is one of the smallest breeds in the world.

They still enjoy training, and, coming from a background of ratting, excel at sports like Barn Hunt, they might seem thin-boned and fragile to some people.

Yorkies are full of energy and playful, however, they might not be the best fit for someone who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors in rural areas, or for people who want a running companion.

If you are looking for something a little sturdier, here are some breeds that look like Yorkie but are bigger.

1. Airedale Terrier

The Yorkie might be known as the smallest of the terrier group (and dogs in general) but the Airedale is known as the “King of Terriers,” and the largest dog in the terrier group, usually topping off at around 70 pounds.

This long-legged terrier is a strong and versatile working dog making them a great companion for someone looking for an outdoor canine friend.

Airedales share the beautiful two-toned color coat with the classic Yorkie as well as the stubborn and driven attitude that most terriers share. They are also hypoallergenic, but instead of long silky coats like the Yorkie, they have a wiry curly coat.

2. Welsh Terrier

The Welsh Terrier is another breed from the United Kingdom that looks like someone threw an Airedale in the dryer. You can see how much they look like each other in this video of an Airedale and Welsh Terrier playing.

They share the same black and tan color as the classic Yorkie and weighs around 20 pounds. 20 pounds might not seem very big, but compared to the teacup Yorkie they are a giant!

These bearded little terriers were bred to battle otters and badgers, but despite that, they are “not as quarrelsome” as many terrier breeds. Even the Yorkie is known for being full of energy whereas the Welsh Terrier is on the calmer side.

That does not mean this terrier does not like to work. They love to dig and are great dogs to own if you are interested in Barn Hunt or EarthDog sports.

3. Irish Terrier

Coming from Ireland, the Irish Terrier’s stunning red coat must have been striking against the beautiful green backdrop of the countryside.

With a similar coat and build to the Welsh Terrier, the Irish Terrier tops out at around 27 pounds, making them almost 20 pounds bigger than its look-alike terrier the Yorkie.

The red color of the Irish terrier looks very similar to the gold of the Yorkie. They are known for their boldness and are a great dog for an owner who is looking for a breed that looks like a Yorkie but wants a bigger, hardworking, and energetic dog that likes to make their own decisions.

4. Lakeland Terrier

Despite the description of a “zesty big dog in a small package,” the Lakeland Terrier still outweighs that Yorkie by 10 pounds.

Unlike the Yorkie, this 17-pound terrier has a loose curly coat that is non-shedding. However, one of the many colors they come in includes classic black and gold, just like the Yorkie. 

Lakeland Terriers are so feisty because they were bred to hunt foxes in England in packs. Their high-prey drive, independence, and stubbornness certainly make them a more difficult breed than the Yorkie. They could easily be included on this list of worst dog breeds off-leash.

5. Norwich Terrier

Only a little bigger than the Yorkie at around 12 pounds, the Norwich Terrier (or Norfolk if it has dropped ears) is a beautiful working terrier from the British Isles.

These friendly dogs often sport the black and tan colors that make them look like Yorkies, but they come in a beautiful red color as well. 

Much like the Yorkie, the Norwich Terriers were originally ratters and are now mostly companion dogs.

Norwich Terriers have wiry coats that require less grooming than Yorkies and are known for their friendliness towards strangers. They are very outgoing, intelligent, and love a good adventure. 

6. Tibetan Terrier

Let’s move away from the United Kingdom and take a look at the famous watchdog of Tibetan monasteries, also called the ancient ” Holy Dog of Tibet.”

The Tibetan Terrier is around 20 pounds and sports the same long silky hair that Yorkies have. When show-ready for confirmation, it creates a curtain effect that sweeps the floor.

Despite their sweet, calm, affectionate nature, they were bred to be working dogs in Buddhist monasteries and have flat snowshoe feet and a woolly undercoat to allow them to survive harsh winters in Tibetan mountains.

These unique features make them a great alternative if you like the long silky coat of the Yorkie but live somewhere with cold winters and need a breed that can handle a frigid climate.

What Looks Like A Yorkie But is White?

Several breeds look like Yorkies but instead of the classic black and tan that Yorkies are known for, sport different colors, including white.

If you like white dogs for aesthetic reasons, you might want to explore these breeds. Some of them even come in other colors other than white, including black, particolored, and red.

You should easily be able to find a breed that looks like a Yorkie that fits your specific color scheme.

7. Maltese

The Maltese is an ancient lapdog from Malta that is playful, charming, and, like the Yorkie, weighs around seven pounds.

Their beautiful white coat looks so much like the Yorkie’s long silky coat, that if you did not know Yorkies did not come in white you might confuse the breeds.

The elegant little dogs are picky eaters, lively, and friendly. Maltese and Yorkies share a feisty stubborn streak.

So if you love the attitude and size of a Yorkie but want it in white, you should consider a Maltese!

8. Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso has a luxurious coat that resembles the coat of the Yorkie but comes in a variety of colors including white.

These Tibetan dogs are related to the Tibetan Terrier and originally were indoor sentinel dogs for Buddhist monasteries.

The name Llasa comes from the capital of Tibet. However, there is a debate as to whether the name Apso comes from an English translation of the Tibetan word for billy goat (because of their beards) or the words for bark and guard.

Either way, they make great little guard dogs who also love to be in your lap.

This little breed is slightly bigger than the Yorkie and they also enjoy an indoor life of luxury. Their thick coat needs quite a bit of grooming, and many people opt to clip them short.

9. Havanese

The Havanese is the only dog native to Cuba and looks a lot like the Yorkie with their amazing flat coat that requires a lot of grooming if you plan on keeping it long and silky.

These happy dogs make great pets and come in a variety of different colors, including white. 

Their fluffy coat is hypoallergenic and they are relatively clean dogs who do not drool. This makes them great candidates for city life, however, they still love daily walks and love training like learning fun tricks. 

10. Scottish Terrier

The white Scottish Terrier is technically called “wheaten,” and they also come in black and brindle.

Although they have a more wiry coat, Scottish Terriers do look like Yorkies with their long silky beards, low-to-the-ground bodies, and prick ears. They also have similar long long hairy eyebrows

Another Earthdog, the stocky Scottish terrier had to be hardy and stubborn to hunt vermin like foxes and badgers in the Scottish Highlands.

They enjoy digging and can make a mess of your yard like these black Scottish Terriers if you do not keep them occupied.

11. West Highland Terrier

Commonly called the Westie, this spunky white terrier looks like what you would expect a short-haired white Yorkie to look like.

 West Highland Terriers usually weigh around 15 pounds and are tough, strong little dogs and, like Yorkies, were originally bred to hunt and kill rats.

However, unlike Yorkies, they did not become lapdogs. They are extremely independent and while they love their owners, they are not extremely affectionate.

If you want a smaller working white dog that looks like a Yorkie, the Westie is a great choice; especially if you are interested in Barn Hunt or Earthdog sports.

12. Cairn Terrier

Another small but mighty sturdy Scottish Breed, the Cairn Terrier weighs around 13 pounds and was bred to hunt prey in rocky terrain.

Perhaps most famous for their portrayal in “The Wizard of Oz” as Toto, this Yorkie look-alike comes in a variety of colors including cream and wheaten which makes them look white. Yorkies are also sometimes mistaken for the same breed as Benji but that honor goes to a mixed breed pup. 

With their short stocky legs and wispy wiry coat, they look a lot like Yorkies. Unlike some other hard-working terriers, Cairn Terriers enjoy being lapdogs, much like Yorkies.

So if you like the drive and independence of Westie, but want a snuggler like a Yorkie, the Cairn Terrier might be the dog for you.

What Breeds Are Cousins To Yorkies?

It is not surprising that so many of these breeds that look like Yorkies come from the same regions around the British Isles.

They are almost all related somehow, coming from similar stock but bred for certain purposes and specific looks in different regions.

But what breeds that look like Yorkies do we know for certain are related to Yorkies?

13. Skye Terrier

Before Yorkshire Terriers were Yorkies, it is believed they were descended from Skye Terriers. Several of these terriers mentioned in this article are probably related to the Skye Terrier, including the Scottish Terrier.

It is easy to see how Yorkie is related to the much bigger Skye Terrier, a 30-pound dog that was bred as an exterminator on the isolated Isle of Skye in Scotland.

They have a compact, low-to-the-ground body of a Scottish Terrier or Cairn Terrier, but the long silky hair that Yorkies are known for. Their flat-lying coat and big ears give them a distinct look of wings when moving elegantly in the show ring. 

14. Australian Terrier

As the name suggests, the Australian Terrier was developed in Australia, but their roots come from the British Isles.

Not only were Yorkies used to develop this breed, but some other familiar faces like the Skye Terrier, Cairn Terrier, and the Irish Terrier. It is no wonder this breed looks like Yorkies!

This combination made a sturdy small 14-pound dog with a shaggy harsh double coat, perfect for hunting small animals in the rough country of Australia.

Their ruddy tan coat with a bluish-black saddle adds to the resemblance of their Yorkie ancestor. 

15. Silky Terrier

Standing only an inch or two taller, the Silky Terrier breed probably looks the most like a Yorkie than any other breed listed.

 Silky Terriers can easily be traced back to the combination of Australian Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers, making them very closely related.

Bred primarily to be pets and companions, Silky Terriers have been known to go back to their terrier roots and kill rats and even snakes.

While it might not be as flamboyant, Silky Terriers share the long flat coat that their Yorkie cousins have, and it does require regular grooming.

They are also prone to dry skin, so they need a committed owner who loves to bathe and brush their dog. 

16. Biewer Terrier

As of 2021, this tiny toy breed is one of the newest breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The Biewer Terrier’s resemblance to the Yorkie is so uncanny that they look just like a Yorkie but tri-colored (Black, brown, and white). 

They look so much like a Yorkie because they were originally bred as tri-colored Yorkies in the 1980s by German Yorkshire Terrier Breeders Werner and Gertrud Biewer, the couple from which the new breed would take its name.

Besides the Yorkie, DNA evidence has shown this energetic toy terrier is also related to the Havanese and Maltese. 

Final Thoughts

In 2022, the Yorkshire Terrier was ranked the 13th most popular dog breed. It is easy to see why they are so popular with their playful attitude, size, and beautiful looks.

But a high-maintenance dog that tiny or that particular color might not be for everyone. And some folks might want breeds that are much bigger

A Norwich Terrier looks like a Yorkie color-wise, but with fewer grooming needs. An Airedale is a similar color to the Yorkie, but is much bigger and can handle a lot more exercise if you are looking for a buddy to go on long daily runs with you.

And if you love the long luxurious coat of a Yorkie, breeds like the Tibetan Terrier and the Havanese are bigger and come in a lot more colors.

If you do not want to go any bigger than a 7 or 8-pound dog, the Maltese, and Biewer Terrier look a lot like the Yorkie but in different colors. However, with a coat that looks like a Yorkie, be prepared for a lot of grooming. 

Regardless of whether you get a pampered lap dog or a high-energy working terrier that looks like a Yorkie, spending time with your dog will help create an amazing bond with your dog.

It depends on the dog whether bonding looks like snuggles on the couch or going on long walks with your breed that looks like a Yorkie.

Hopefully, this list will point you in the direction of the perfect dog with the right amount of Yorkie aesthetics for your lifestyle.  

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