31 Dog Breeds With Eyebrows (With Videos)

dogs with eyebrows

Everyone knows that eyes are said to be “the windows to the soul” due to how expressive they are.  Having seen some adorable puppy dog eyes before, it’s hard to argue against that saying.  But did you know that some dogs have a special facial feature that isn’t only super expressive, but also brings out the soulful look in their eyes?

It is the eyebrows!

While dogs do not anatomically have eyebrows, many breeds have features on their brow ridge that look deceptively similar enough to call them eyebrows in everyday conversation. These false eyebrows include colored spots, long-growing fur, and wrinkly furrows, all located right above the eyes. These breeds include everything from the powerful Rottweiler to the Schnauzer and everything in between. 

Are you ready to see a wide range of dog breeds with all sorts of unique eyebrows? I sure am!

11 Breeds with Long-Furred Eyebrows

The dog breeds in this section all sport cute bushy eyebrows. Before we dive into the dog videos themselves, let’s take a moment to explore why some breeds come with these furry brows while others do not.

You will notice that all of the dog breeds in this category have wire-haired coats. It turns out that wire-haired breeds have a very special relationship with fuzzy eyebrows. A lot of effort was put into selectively breeding these furry friends to have a coat that was both dense enough to keep them warm in the cold winter months, and coarse enough to prevent disastrous tangles when the dogs run through prickly bushes, resulting in the wire-haired coat texture.

The gene for coat texture is called the R-spondin-2-gene, and it also determines if a dog has what is called “furnishings.” In layman’s terms, that is when a dog has charmingly exaggerated eyebrows and a cute little beard. This makes it impossible for these furnishings to exist outside the wire-haired coat texture.

With our little science moment out of the way, let’s move on to the best part of this article – looking at cute dog videos!

Scottish Terrier

While these dogs may be little, the amount of spunk they possess is as large as their comically oversized eyebrows.

Scottish terriers are highly energetic and fiercely independent, which means they require A LOT of playtime to keep them entertained and on their best behavior! Keep in mind that even if you do have infinite amounts of time to devote to playing with this pooch, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every moment will be fun and games.

These dogs can rival a human teenager when it comes to moodiness. Scotties can coexist peacefully with family members as long as the humans of the house have enough maturity to recognize when their dog is not in the mood to cuddle. However, this breed is not recommended for families with young children who can’t understand the poor Scottie’s need for personal boundaries.

Scottish terriers also require a lot of grooming, especially if you want them to have the fanciest eyebrows in town! To keep them looking perfect, you’ll have to find a dog groomer with special eyebrow-grooming skills like the one in the video below:

Cesky Terrier

The Cesky terrier is another dog who will need regular trips to the most experienced groomer in town. Don’t be concerned if this little guy has a curtain of eyebrow hair hanging in his face when he comes back from his trim. That’s just the unique look of this breed.

Does the long fur growing above his eyes still count as eyebrows if it extends past his nose? I’ll leave that one for you to decide.

Fun Fact: Unlike the Scotties mentioned above, Cesky terriers make great playmates for kids!

Here’s a video compilation that will convince you to fall in love with that cute little face!

Wirehaired Vizsla

The wirehaired vizsla sure is an upgrade to the ordinary vizsla. How so? Well, she comes with all of the great qualities of a regular vizsla: She’s lean, athletic, and highly loyal to her family. But, the real thing that sets her apart is that she comes with eyebrows and a beard!

Don’t pretend you didn’t have at least one phase in your childhood where you drew eyebrows, beards, and mustaches on everything you could. It’s just a fact of life that eyebrows and other facial hair make everything better—and Vizslas are no different!

If you are unfamiliar with the vizsla family in general and would like to learn more about this wire-haired cousin, check out the video below or visit the Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America’s website for more information.

(Note: While the video narration talks exclusively about wire-haired vizslas, the video compilation includes a mixture of wire-haired and regular vizslas, likely due to the rarity of the wire-haired breed).


Schnauzers are one of the most famous eyebrowed breeds in the dog community. It’s no wonder they come in jumbo, regular, and kiddie sizes so that everyone can partake in the fun of owning them. (Pro tip: If you happen to be talking to a snobby dog expert, it might be in your best interest to instead refer to these sizes by their proper names of “giant schnauzer,” “standard schnauzer,” and “miniature schnauzer”).

Each size comes with all of the schnauzer essentials: two bushy brows (that give them that “Benji” look), one glorious doggy beard, and that handsome Hollywood salt-and-pepper look. They also boast an energetic personality while remaining highly affectionate towards their owners and easy to train. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this good boy heeling below!

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

This peppy dog has as much energy as she does character in her long, silky eyebrows when they’re allowed to grow out.

Descended from the native rural dogs of Ireland, these beautiful pups sure know how to take care of the farm! From sheep herding to therapy dogs, there is a huge range of doggy activities that soft-coated wheatens excel at due to their cleverness. Below is a video of just some of the tricks that wheatens can be taught.

For a wheaten, there’s no better end to an action-packed day than to climb into a nice, warm bed and cuddle with her people! This breed is even hypoallergenic, so everyone can enjoy her snuggles!

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue terriers are another breed of Irish farm dog, but unlike the wheatens, these pups are infamous for their blue coat. Now, I know what you might be thinking, “That dog isn’t blue, it’s blackish-gray!” Don’t worry, you’re not colorblind. In the dog world, the closest fur color to blue is actually a slate gray color. It has the faintest hint of blue in it, even if it is miles away from being the same vibrant hue as a blueberry.

Aside from their special color,  Kerry Blue terriers are also made adorable by the handsome beard and curly eyebrows they sport. Those eyebrows aren’t just for show. They have a practical purpose as well! Those eyebrows served as built-in fur goggles to protect the Kerry Blue’s eyes from sharp branches while they chased badgers through the forest brush.

h these dogs, take a look at the video below to watch a whole pack of them exploring a park at a fun doggy meet-up.

Wire Fox Terrier

If any dog looks like a charming elderly gentleman, it is the wire fox terrier. Just take a look at those well-defined brown eyebrows and that long white beard and try to tell me otherwise.

Don’t let their looks fool you. On the inside, they’re anything but old! Bred to chase foxes, these canine companions are packed full of energy until the day they die.

While wire fox terriers are intelligent enough to serve as entertaining company, keep in mind that they do have their rebellious streaks. Many wire fox terriers have used their superior intellect to cause problems for their owners.

It turns out that quite a few of these endearing pups also love to sing!

Welsh Terrier

Did you know that the Welsh people have been writing poetry to honor this dependable pooch since 1450? According to the Welsh Terrier Club of America, it’s true! Like many of the other fantastic terriers in this list, Welsh terriers were a huge help for centuries when it came to keeping dangerous critters like foxes, badgers, and rodents away from the farm.

While the Welsh terrier is a bit calmer and less hyper than many other terriers, these dogs still need a safe, open area to run until their heart is content. If you can help it, try to not spend the entire play session staring at the way their fluffy eyebrows bounce as they move!

Here’s a Welsh terrier exploring the basketball court at his local park. Do you think he’ll make any baskets?

Irish Terrier

From the “Daredevil of the Emerald Isle” to “Poor Man’s Sentinel,” the Irish Terrier is a dog of many nicknames!

The history of this breed goes back to a divide between hounds and terriers in Ancient Ireland. At the time, there were laws dictating which breeds of dog people could own based on their social class. “Hound” breeds could only be kept by the nobility, which left the native terrier breeds such as the Irish terrier to the poor farming communities.

Despite being seen as inferior, the Irish terrier still captured many hearts with their charismatic eyebrows and lively personality. They can also be quite creative as seen below:

Sealyham Terrier

While this dog may be smaller than most wire-haired terriers, don’t think for a moment that she is any less ferocious because of her size! While she can adjust to comfortably living in an apartment because of her smaller stature, she still needs to run around each day to get all of her mischievous energy out.

Whether you keep her eyebrows neatly trimmed or allow them to grow out over her eyes, nothing will slow this dog down! It’s not uncommon for the Sealyham terrier to play so rough that she ends up with grass stains all over her beautiful white coat.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the video below.

German Wire-Haired Pointer

These handsome canines were bred to be the perfect hunting buddy during long trips out in the forest. Specialized for catching birds and other small game, the German wire-haired pointer has speedy legs. I wouldn’t challenge them to a race anytime soon. Especially not a long-distance race, as these pups have incredible stamina.

While having this dog by your side will make it easier to take home woodland critters, they weren’t bred to only be a hunting tool. The German wire-haired pointer is also bred to be the perfect life companion who is extraordinarily close to their owner.  Just be aware that these dogs are at a higher risk of becoming exceptionally clingy than other breeds, predisposing them to a higher risk of separation anxiety.

Now, let’s not forget about the real reason why you’re here—the eyebrows.  Just look at those beautifully defined chocolate eyebrows in the puppies below!

14 Breeds With Colorful Eyebrows

Moving on to our next group of dogs with eyebrows, we have our pals with spots above their eyes.  These spots are simply color markings. However, they often lie on top of muscles around the eye used to make facial expressions. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you’ll catch the little eyebrow being raised in a cute, quizzical manner.


There is no way we could start off this section with any dog other than the Rottie. Even if we didn’t have a whole series of articles dedicated to them because of how much we love these giant sweethearts, there is no denying that rottweilers are well-known for those two little orange spots that are a staple of the breed’s look.

Our love for Rotties and their rust-colored eyebrows aside, this is an athletic and obedient breed who forms strong connections with their family. They love to partake in a variety of outdoor activities as long as they get to do it with their people.

Here is a video of a rottweiler bonding with the newest member of his family.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The history of the Bernese mountain dog is the tale of a watchful swiss farm dog. While most people envision farm dogs as hyperactive collie breeds that herd sheep, these patient large dogs instead managed small herds of cattle. Nowadays, this is a very flexible breed owned by many different types of dog owners as they adjust well to both highly active and laid-back lifestyles.

The Bernese Mountain dog is easily recognizable by his defining tri-color black, white, and tan face, complete with two little tan eyebrows.

This breed is often called a gentle giant, and they sure do live up to the name as you can see with the puppy below.

German Shepherd

From guard dogs to affectionate family members, German shepherd dogs are popular in the United States for their loyalty, athleticism, and obedience. In my neighborhood alone, I knew of three different families who owned German shepherds while I was growing up.

However, some German shepherds are known to be nervous and overprotective. This can happen when a German shepherd dog is not socialized well as a puppy or is left alone for long periods of time, which goes to show just how important it is to spend plenty of time training your dog from a young age. That way, they can grow into their best, most confident selves.

German shepherds often have brown eyebrow-like spots right above their darkly colored eyes. It’s a very endearing combo, especially when it belongs to a puppy making cute eyes at kittens!

Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is a gorgeous black dog with light brown markings, including flattering tan eyebrows. If you’re lucky, you might even catch her wriggling her eyebrows excitedly as she surveys her surroundings.

The Australian Kelpie is the Outback’s version of a border collie. The Kelpie was created by importing collie breeds from Scotland and selectively breeding them to withstand the everlasting hot sun of Australia.

If you’d like to learn more about this high-energy herding breed, check out the below video.

Gordon Setter

Here is another beautiful dog with black fur and enticing brown eyebrows. What makes the Gordon setter different from all of the other dogs with this coloration is her soft, wavy fur. I don’t know about you, but I sure want to scoop her up for some doggy snuggles!

While the Gordon setter might look like she just finished a day at the spa, she is by no means a delicate princess. Quite the contrary! She was bred to withstand the foul weather and rocky terrain of the Scottish highlands.

If all of your friends refuse to go outdoors with you because they think that the all-day hike you want to do is too intense, try asking a Gordon setter to be your hiking buddy. They are incredibly athletic and fond of the outdoors, as seen below.


The Doberman is a strong and courageous breed. Unfortunately, many fictional stories love to spin these positive qualities in a bad light to make the Doberman into a villain.  You have probably seen the all too familiar movie scene before: a terrified kid bolts through a junkyard at night, chased by a snarling Doberman snapping at his ankles. Fortunately, these fictional scenes are just that – fiction.

Contrary to popular belief, Dobermans are one of the most loving and affectionate breeds out there. Having a bad day? Your Doberman pal will notice immediately and come rushing over to cheer you up!

Like many other dogs in this list, the Doberman has a black body with rust-colored markings, including his captivating circular eyebrows. Make sure you let yourself admire more than just his eyebrows, for the rest of him is equally handsome as demonstrated by the show dog below.

Tibetan Mastiff

This next breed doesn’t always have eyebrow-like spots—it depends on an individual’s coat color. However, the black with tan markings pattern that comes with built-in eyebrows is popular in the Tibetan Mastiff. 

This dog doesn’t only look like a lion, but he’s also infamous for having a cat-like personality. Aloof, independent, and stubborn. Each of these words has been used to describe the Tibetan Mastiff. It doesn’t help that he also likes to “yowl” at night.

While the Tibetan Mastiff may never follow any of your commands regardless of how much food you bribe him with, he does grow extremely close to his family. Looking at that luxuriously fluffy fur, living with all of his cat-like quirks sounds like an excellent trade-off for the chance to snuggle into a small mountain of dog.

While the Tibetan Mastiff can be a little socially awkward at times due to his standoffish nature, he can also learn to get along with many different types of animals as seen in the following video.


I promise that this is the last dog on our list who looks like she is trying to impersonate a rottweiler with that black face and tan eyebrows.

Because our buddy the Beauceron is still closely tied to her working dog roots, she can be quite the handful for inexperienced and experienced dog owners alike! While her energy has no limits, neither does her heart. A Beauceron would love nothing more than a giant family where there is always someone around to shower her with love.

Teaching her tricks also looks like a really great way to spend time with a Beauceron, but I might have been biased by the amazing dog below.

Australian Shepherds

Did you know that those cute little tan eyebrows that can almost always be found on an Aussie weren’t actually made in Australia? Brace yourself, because your sense of reality is about to crumble.

The Australian shepherd breed was created on the opposite side of the world in California.

Why are there called Aussies then? It is said that the breed was named after the Basque shepherds from Australia that made large genetic contributions to the breed. However,  the AKC has written a really interesting article that questions if Basque Shepherds, or any dogs for that matter, that immigrated from Australia actually played a significant role in the development of the Aussie.

Confused yet? Yeah, me too. How about we let this amazing agility champ distract us with his moves instead.

Australian Cattle Dog

“Wait a moment,” you might be saying to yourself, “what is the difference between an Australian shepherd and an Australian cattle dog?”  While they both have beautiful brown eyebrows, the Australian cattle dog has a slightly different build and fur coloration. Plus, her breed is actually from Australia, unlike her California cousin.

The Australian cattle dog, also called the Blue Heeler, is the canine embodiment of a workaholic. She constantly needs a job to do or else she’ll get bored. And when this gal gets bored, she’ll become a huge menace to society. At best, she’ll be nudging a ball into your lap every five seconds without a single consideration for those “other responsibilities” you keep mentioning. At worst, she’ll destroy your home.

I had the pleasure of sharing an office with an Australian cattle dog during a summer internship. I’ll never know whether my productivity took a hit because I had a furry little snout prodding my knee every five seconds, or if there was a net gain because it was impossible to be in a bad mood with such a chipper dog sneaking under my desk.

Here are two Australian cattle dogs having oodles of fun outside!


Next up on our list, we have one of the world’s favorite snow dogs: the husky! As if a husky’s winter antics weren’t cute enough, their white eyebrows look like little snowballs.

While these beautiful dogs sure do love their people, they can also be quite mischievous and cause their owners many headaches if not provided a proper outlet for their high energy levels. While frustrating in the moment, it’s impossible to not love these elegant goofballs at the end of the day for their many quirks, whether it’s being a master escape artist or howling at sirens.

If you need a way to tire out your husky while challenging him intellectually, you should look into if dog sledding is right for you!

Alaskan Klee Kai

Inherent love of the snow? Check. Very vocal and dramatic? Yup, got that. Two little snowball-themed eyebrows? For sure. When laid out like this, the Klee Kai may as well be a miniature husky.

This rare breed was created in the 1970s, making the Klee Kai relatively new. The discovery of a few naturally tiny huskies produced high demand for more tiny huskies because of how stinking cute they were. With intense selective breeding efforts, it wasn’t long before a whole lineage of tiny huskies was created! When it was safe to do so, Eskimo dog was also thrown into the mix to make the Klee Kais as small as they are today.

While these little fellas might be small, they make up for it by having tons to say!


Except for the rare entirely black dachshund, all dachshunds have brown or cream eyebrows (they’re just a little harder to see in the entirely brown or cream individuals).

The Dachshund is a German breed whose name translates to “badger dog,” which is a spot-on description of what they were bred to hunt. You might not think of this short-legged dog as athletic because many of today’s dachshunds are satisfied with living the laid-back apartment lifestyle, but most wiener dogs still have some amount of sporting dog buried deep within them. When given the opportunity, they can prove that they’re capable of many things despite their little legs.

Take this dachshund doing agility as an example!

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is another breed where eyebrows show up very clearly in some dogs, but poorly in others.

While this dog is not terribly energetic, he still enjoys daily mild exercise, especially if he gets to do it with his owner. The Shiba Inu is definitely a breed that won’t destroy your house because of too much pent-up energy. But unfortunately, they might feel inclined to destroy your house for other reasons such as separation anxiety. However, these dogs respond well to being crated while their owners are away. This practice has solved many problems behavior problems in the Shiba Inu community. With that out of the way, these adorable little guys are amazing canine companions who’ll keep you in high spirits!

Why don’t you see for yourself?

6 Breeds With Wrinkly Eyebrows

Some wrinkly breeds look like velvety teddy bears. Others have an old, soulful expression due to the deep lines etched in their face. Regardless of their aesthetic, all wrinkly breeds look like they have eyebrows due to the deep furrows in their brow.

For anyone who loves to nerd out over dog biology like me, you should check out this scientific paper. It explains that the cause of these beautiful wrinkles is a genetic mutation that causes the accumulation of excess hyaluronic acid in the skin. And for you non-science folks, I know that hyaluronic acid may sound like a scary thing, but fear not! It is a normal component of skin that we all have. These pups just have a bit more of it.


The pug is a breed that is loved by many due to her ancient breed history, loving temperament, and exceptionally cute wrinkly face.

A long time ago, these fellas were bred to be the royal companions of noble Chinese families. Many Chinese emperors fancied these little guys and even assigned the pugs human guards for their safety. Later on in history, Tibetan Buddhist monks would choose pugs as the perfect monastery companions as well. Having been raised to be the perfect pet by multiple groups of people, pugs continue to be the best at making their owners feel loved.

While I don’t recommend you feed your dog table food, there is a case to be made that pugs are fantastic actors who will go to great lengths to help their humans achieve internet fame.

Basset Hound

The basset hound is a dog of many skills. First, the deep wrinkles around his eyes and long, hanging ears give him a captivating, soulful appearance which he successfully uses against his humans to beg for food. Next, his powerful sniffer is one of the best in the dog world, second to only the bloodhound’s powerful nose. Surprisingly, his wrinkles and ears also contribute to his sniffing power, as the ears waft scents towards his nose and the increased surface area of his droopy skin helps trap scent molecules by his face.

Basset hounds are phenomenal at ignoring instructions unless there is a clear benefit for them to obey. Despite their stubbornness, they work well as a team and love to be around other basset hounds.

Lastly, the Basset Hound is unmatched when it comes to bending the laws of space to dog pile together in a tiny space, as seen below.


Looking at these bear-like dogs with their cute wrinkly eyebrows, it’s hard to resist the urge to cuddle them like a teddy bear! Before you run up to one on the street though, take a moment to check in with the dog and their owner. While Shar-Peis are highly loyal to their family, they can be very wary of new people.

This wariness is embedded in them through centuries of being property guard dogs. Shar-Peis have been around since 200 B.C.E., giving the phrase “old breed” a whole new definition.

Here is a cute video of Shar-Pei puppies growing up and learning the tricks of the trade from their mom.

Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan mastiff is a large, wrinkly dog with droopy eyebrows and jowls that can make him look as if he were scowling. Being built like a tank, it’s understandable if his appearance intimidates you. However, these large pooches are actually gentle giants who get super attached to their family! Once a Neo falls in love with you, be prepared to be buried under 200 lbs of dog whenever you sit down.

These dogs need an area where they can run around and get their energy out. Failure to provide them with this can result in them finding other ways to release their energy, such as chewing. With how strong these pups are, that’s a surefire way to see some major destruction to your home.

At the same time, these dogs need to be supervised during exercise, especially when growing. Because of how heavy they are, intense exercise can cause harm to their joints. Neapolitan mastiff puppies are known for injuring their bones by jumping off of high surfaces and stairs.

If you think you have what it takes to own 200 lbs of pure doggy love, check out the video below to see if Neos are a good fit for your family.


With furrowed eyebrows that give her a wise appearance, the Bloodhound is a patient and determined canine sleuth who lives life at her own pace. These hounds are gentle and have limitless tolerance, making them great companions for young kids.

She can be quite independent and isn’t afraid to prioritize investigating an alluring new scent over listening to your commands. In order to train a bloodhound, you’ll need just as much patience as her, if not more.

Be aware that with long jowls come long lines of drool decorating your home.

If you’d like to learn more about the bloodhound’s amazing sense of smell, watch the video below.


Between the furrowed eyebrows, long jowls, and classic underbite, bulldogs have a fiercely sour look that their owners have fallen in love with. Despite her appearance, the bulldog is a true lapdog at heart who loves to please her people.

While bulldogs are calm and mellow, they still need exercise to stay in shape. However, intense exercise is usually not recommended for this breed. They are prone to overheating and can have trouble getting enough airflow when breathing heavily due to their characteristic smushed face.

Fun fact: Bulldogs are more likely to enjoy skateboarding than other breeds!

Closing Thoughts

Who knew that there were so many fantastic dog breeds with eyebrows! From fetching terriers who visit the salon to keep their eyebrows immaculately shaped to endearing German shepherds with expressive colored brows, there is no denying that these quirky dogs bring joy to many people’s lives.

If you choose to own a wire-haired or wrinkly breed, keep in mind that they may have breed-specific care requirements due to their special eyebrows. Always consult with your vet to ensure that you are returning the favor and giving your furry friend the best quality of life you can!

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