Maggie Theisen professional dog trainer

Margaret "Maggie" Theisen, Professional Dog Trainer

Maggie is an experienced dog trainer and former dog daycare owner. 

She competes in dog agility with her border collie, Egg. When she’s not writing or dog training Maggie can usually be found hiking in the Montana backcountry with her five rescue dogs.


Maggie has been a professional dog trainer for more than a decade. She’s helped dogs and their pet parents with the basics like potty training, walking on a leash, and greeting strangers appropriately. She also ran a successful doggy day care where she was able to support the wide range of canine personalities through the day care experience. 

In short, Maggie has worked with and supported a wide range of canine behavior both in home setting and at the doggy day care. 

These days, Maggie is focused on applying her training skills to compete in agility with her dog, Egg. 

You can check out some of Egg’s training below. Go Egg🥚

Education & Certifications

Maggie completed the Certified Pet Dog Trainer program. 

Articles Written By Maggie Theisen

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