alix mitchell veterinary technician and dog trainer

Alix Mitchell, Professional Dog Trainer

Alix Mitchell is a veterinary technician turned dog trainer with over a decade of experience working with dogs.

Alix currently resides in Virginia with her husband and the dog that started it all, Buster. In her free time when she isn’t nerding out over dog related research, you can find her either reading a good thriller novel, out in nature camping and hiking with her family or working on her podcast. 


Although her educational background in animal science gave her a broad knowledge base, it was her own behaviorally challenging dog who helped her realize her passion in life is teaching dog owners how to live a better life with their dog.

With a background in both veterinary medicine and dog training, Alix is committed to continuing education and educating dog owners with only the latest, science-backed information.

She specializes in improving the dog and owner relationship by taking a whole health approach to meeting all of the dog’s mental, emotional, and physical needs to modify behavior problems and live happy lives. She brings this approach to Not A Bully with every article she writes. 

Alix also has a podcast where she talks all things canine behavior. 

Education & Certifications

Alix has learned through on the job training for both her careers as a veterinary technician and as a professional dog trainer. 

Articles Written By Alix Mitchell

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