When Do Pitbull Puppies Lose Their Teeth?

pitbull puppy that hasn't lost their teeth yet

Owning a Pitbull is an exciting time in life as you have such an affectionate, loyal, and energetic dog at your side. A Pitbull puppy is arguably even more fun as you witness the joys of an inquisitive, ecstatic pal that is ready to explore the world!

Well, I’ll admit that some parts aren’t that enjoyable. Nobody asked for a teething, rampaging Pittie!

While you have to deal with the ugly parts of puppyhood just as much as the pretty parts, teething can become pretty overwhelming and drive you to your wit’s end.

Witnessing your Pittie puppy chewing like there’s no tomorrow (on items you prefer to keep intact), you’re probably screaming into your pillow wondering, when will my Pittie puppy stop teething?

This is a great question, one we will dive into after we answer the question that leads to maniacal chewing in the first place: when will my pitbull puppy lose its puppy teeth?

Pitbull puppies will start losing their deciduous (baby) teeth at 12 weeks old. By 16 weeks, most of the baby teeth have fallen out. Normally at 6 months old, the Pitbull’s adult teeth will have fully erupted. Pitbull puppies will teeth until they are around 6-8 months old. 

Let’s look at the details of when to expect your Pittie pal to lose its puppy teeth and what steps to expect in the process of gaining adult teeth. Also, we’ll talk about when your puppy is likely to stop teething and how you can help redirect your Pitbull’s behavior to acceptable chew toys that aren’t your shoes or sofa!

When Do Pitbulls Lose Their Puppy Teeth?

Puppies are similar to humans in that they have deciduous teeth (or baby teeth). However, unlike humans, dogs develop and lose their baby teeth much quicker, leaving them with adult teeth before they even reach the age of one!

Your Pittie puppy’s deciduous teeth start showing up around six weeks of age, which is when they begin to wean off of their mother’s milk. You probably adopted your puppy after they were weaned and independent, so you didn’t see that first set of teeth grow in. However, you still got the lovely result from owning a Pitbull puppy: major teething activity!

That set of 28 deciduous teeth will fall out quickly, starting at 12 weeks of age. The incisors are the first to fall out, and the tooth-losing process is quick after this. They don’t have puppy molars, so don’t be concerned when you can’t find any!

Most of the time, your puppy will swallow any baby tooth that falls out, but you might find a few scattered on your floor (both situations are normal and have no cause for concern!)

When Do The Adult Teeth Come In?

From 16 weeks to 20 weeks, take frequent peeks in your Pitbull pup’s mouth to check on the growth of its adult teeth!

You should start to see the incisors come in first, which are the teeth at the front of the mouth. The canines (think vampire fangs) will come in around this time as well.

The molars will come in last, but you should expect all 42 of your pup’s adult teeth to be erupted by 6 months old, no later than 8 months. There should be 20 teeth on the upper jaw and 22 on the lower jaw.

Make a veterinary appointment for your Pitbull around this time to ensure that no puppy teeth are still stuck in the gums and that the adult teeth have grown in properly. Any retained deciduous teeth can lead to problems later on in life, such as malocclusion and periodontal disease.

Both are uncomfortable for your friend and are a simple fix if found early on! My kitty had a few retained baby teeth, and the vet was able to extract them during his neuter surgery saving me time, money, and stress!

Letting your Pitbull pup lose its puppy teeth isn’t a problem, but dealing with the teething madness will definitely be a challenge.

When Do Pitbull Puppies Stop Teething?

Teething is a problem for every puppy dealing with growing pains, and some breeds wreak more havoc during this time, such as Pitbulls! It’s only natural for owners to count down the days until the end of this chewing madness.

Pitties are no doubt strong and powerful, their jaws included (even though they don’t have the strongest bite compared to many other breeds). Because of this, their teething is bound to be more significant and leave you with ripped-up toys, shoes, blankets, clothes- you name it!

The first question we must address is, why do puppies teeth?

Well, the process of adult teeth growing in is painful for your Pittie, so they find comfort in biting things to relieve the pressure and soreness that is building in their gums.

You may see your puppy eating slower, drooling more than usual, or whining (especially while nibbling on something). Don’t be concerned if you see small spots of blood on the item your Pittie chose to munch on as he could’ve just lost another puppy tooth or his gums are swollen.

All of these are characteristic symptoms of teething and shouldn’t worry you! They are normal signs of sensitivity and should pass when the adult teeth have settled in.

So, when will the teething phase actually end for your Pitbull pup?

Luckily, your puppy should stop teething by 6 months of age, though sometimes it can take up to 8 months for him to stop the desire to chomp on anything in sight. It ultimately depends on your individual dog and how quickly his adult teeth fully come in.

If you can last this chaotic stage of terror, then you’ll be that much happier knowing your dog is out of pain and your belongings are safe from nonstop chewing (hopefully)!

How Can I Help My Puppy During The Teething Stage? 

The teething stage is an excellent time for you to begin training your Pittie on what his belongings are (and therefore certain things acceptable to chew on) as well as offering him some relief whenever possible.

Instead of chewing on your furniture or other belongings, it is important to teach them to redirect their gnawing toward dog toys. Once the teething phase is over, your Pitbull will carry those expectations with him through adulthood. Disciplining this breed shouldn’t be too much of a headache since they love to please their owner and get attention from you! Though, don’t expect training to work every time, as your puppy can’t control the urge to relieve his discomfort sometimes.

Don’t be discouraged or angry if your puppy goes for your shoes (or your body parts) from time to time, as their nipping is just a cry for some relief from the pain! Calmly tell them to stop and shift their focus onto an appropriate chew toy. In the meantime, keep your valuables out of reach from your Pittie as much as possible.

Now, not all toys and chews are entirely safe for dogs, and no toy will be 100% Pitbull-proof! However, there are a few options that will help your puppy release his discomfort and not break apart in two days.

It’s worth buying durable toys to provide to your Pittie during his growth spurt, giving the toy the best chance at longevity!

One useful teething toy that is strong enough for Pitbull puppy jaws is this Kong puppy teething stick that also helps clean the teeth that have already erupted! They also have an extreme dog toy that you can fill with treats inside for hours of entertainment or freeze to further soothe their sore gums. Both toys come in several sizes to fit your puppy’s mouth as he grows- bonus! The Kong brand is known for its durability, making many of its toys stand the test of time against your Pittie.

Here’s living proof that your Pittie puppy can teeth on something other than your fingers!

Keep in mind that when you give your puppy (or any dog for that matter) a new toy, supervise them for the first few days and make sure that your dog doesn’t happen to rip it apart. You want to minimize any chances of your dog accidentally ingesting toy parts to create a safe and enjoyable experience! And of course, if the toy is showing some concerning wear and tear, toss it out and get a new one (sigh).

Do what you can to help your Pittie through the teething process and know that it will run its course. We don’t want to let our frustration get the best of us! Would you want someone mad at you for being in pain and not knowing what to do to stop it?

Closing Thoughts

Pitbulls are an amazing breed if you get the chance to adopt a puppy. They are adorable balls of energy and love, but that energy is unmatched during the teething stage!

Pitbull’s puppy teeth will start falling out at 12 weeks of age. They’ll come out naturally and start being replaced by the adult set of teeth. You should start noticing the adult teeth erupting by 16 to 20 weeks, and the full set of adult teeth will be properly in place by 6 months (sometimes up to 8 months).

During this time of growth, your Pitbull puppy will teeth, probably a lot! It is normal behavior for puppies, and it shouldn’t last past 8 months of age. There is a plethora of toys you can choose from to give your puppy relief from the pain and discomfort that causes teething. It will also save your personal property from ultimate destruction!

Make it through a puppy teething stage, and you and your Pitbull will be prepared for anything that may happen!

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