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We believe that pet parents who understand their dog’s behavior are able to build stronger and longer lasting bonds with their dogs. 

That’s why we’re on a mission to create the most informative, helpful, and actionable content out there while also providing affordable dog training services. 

So whether you want to connect with a dog trainer one-on-one, join a dog training class, or read our latest article, we want to help you get the information you need to connect with your canine. 

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We work with veterinarians, professional dog trainers, and certified professional dog trainers to create content that looks at canine behavior from all angles while maintaining our high editorial standards!

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Virtual Dog Training Services

Connect with a certified professional dog trainer and receive a detailed action plan specific to you and your pup.

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In-Person Dog Training Classes and Consults

Our certified professional dog trainers offer a variety of group dog training classes and in-person private training. Currently only available in Colorado Springs, CO with more locations coming soon.

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Free Ask A Dog Trainer

Have a question we haven’t already answered? Ask one of our certified and professional dog trainers…for free and get an answer!

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Every new informational article on Not A Bully is written or reviewed by a veterinarian. We’re in the process of updating every past article with veterinarian review. Additionally, a professional dog trainer either writes or reviews every article. You can read more about our editorial standards here.

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Check out our latest cute canine news stories! We share fun, heart-warming and inspirational news stories with a focus on canine behavior. 

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