marissa jacky veterinary technician

Marissa Jacky, Veterinary Technician

Marissa is a Registered Veterinary Technician with over 7 years of clinical experience working with animals. She has loved animals since she was a child and continues to work with them today while also writing for Not A Bully blog.


Marissa has had a chance to work with a wide range of furry, scaly, and feathered friends over her 7 years as a veterinary technician. From big dogs in private practice to orphaned racoons in a wildlife rehab facility Marissa has really done it all! 

You can even check out some of the amazing animals Marissa has worked with here: 

Education & Certifications

Marissa Jacky is a registered veterinary technician.

Articles Written By Marissa Jacky

Check out the latest articles fact checked and reviewed by vet tech Marissa:

rottie laying the floor

Ask A Vet: Do Rottweilers Have Separation Anxiety?

Rotties are sometimes called velcro dogs and we love them for that! But I recently had a Not A Bully reader reach out with a question: I’ve got a Rottweiler who’s become my shadow—literally. Whenever I leave the room, he’s right there, pawing at the door until I return. It’s gotten to the point where

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We Asked Veterinarians: Why Do Dogs Like Period Blood?

It’s no secret that our pups occasionally engage in behaviors that might seem peculiar or even off-putting to us. But one of the most surprising canine interests is period blood, and while this can be a sensitive topic for many it’s something that we’re frequently asked about. Here’s a recent question from a Not A

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