Why is My Dog Sleeping on the Floor? (Instead Of Her Bed)

dog sleeping on floor instead of bed

We want the best for our canine best friends, which includes sourcing the best dog beds for their needs. After hours of deliberating online or at the pet store, you finally take the plunge and buy your dog the coziest bed you can find!

However, your dog has other plans and decides to sleep on the floor. Sound familiar?

While this is a very common situation for many dog owners, it can also be disheartening and confusing, since we want to spoil our dogs and make sure they’re comfortable at all times. After all, why would a dog choose to sleep on the floor over a comfy bed?

So, what’s going on? Why is your dog sleeping on the floor?

Your dog could be sleeping on the floor because the bed holds too much heat, it’s not in their favorite spot, it may not be comfortable enough for them, they might be experiencing pain. Some dogs may just prefer the floor over a dog bed and it’s usually nothing to worry about.

While that’s just the simple answer, there are many factors that prompt your dog to choose to sleep on the floor over sleeping in their bed. If you’ve ever wondered about the in-depth reasoning behind your dog sleeping on the floor, here’s everything you need to know.

Reason 1: Your Dog is Too Hot in Their Bed

Dogs, much like humans, need ideal temperatures for them to sleep and rest comfortably. For example, dogs might like to lie next to the fireplace in the winter to keep warm. In the summer, they may opt for the spot right next to the kiddie pool in the shade. Some dogs are highly sensitive to temperature changes, which can make it hard for them to get comfortable, and ultimately, sleep in their bed.

Dogs naturally have higher body temperatures than we do. On average, a dog’s body temperature runs from 101.0 to 102.5°F (38.3 to 39.2°C). A human’s body temperature naturally rests at about 97°F to 99°F (36.1°C to 37.2°C).

Since dogs naturally have higher body temperatures, this can lead them to be picky about where they relax, rest, and sleep. This is why some dogs opt to sleep on the floor over a dog bed. 

Depending on the style of the dog bed chosen, it may insulate a lot of heat, which can make your pup uncomfortable. Certain materials and styles of dog beds can heat up fairly quickly. While that padded, flannel dog bed may seem like a great idea, your pup might feel too hot while resting in it.

This is where the appeal of the hardwood floor comes in. Hardwood floors don’t trap heat (especially in certain parts of the house) which allows your dog to regulate their body temperature more evenly and cool down. While it could seem like your pup can’t stand that new bed, chances are they might feel a tad warm.

Reason 2: Your Dog’s Bed is in the Wrong Spot

We’ve all seen it before: our dog is curled up next to the shoe rack, next to the couch, or in the corner of our bedroom. Just like sometimes we as humans prefer to sleep on one side of the bed, your dog might prefer to sleep in certain, specific spots throughout the house.

Your dog may not think anything of it. They may think the new dog bed is just another accessory if it’s not positioned in a certain spot. Dogs are creatures of habit and routine. There might be something about the smell, feel, or position of a certain spot that makes them feel comfortable. 

Maybe your dog likes to lay next to the shoe rack because your shoes smell like you. Maybe they like to relax on the floor, next to the couch, while they wait for you to sit down and watch Netflix. Maybe they like to sleep in the corner of the bedroom so they can watch over you at night and stay alert to any potential danger.

If this is the case, try moving their new dog bed either to their favorite spot or nearby it. They might not have initially thought the bed was for them. However, you might notice that they light up when the bed is moved to one of their favorite spots!

Reason 3: Your Dog Prefers a Certain Type of Bed

It could also be that your dog likes a very specific and certain type of bed. Some dogs love fluffy, padded, heavily cushioned bedding. Some dogs love flat, firmer bedding. After all, sleep is very important to a dog’s health and well-being, since adult dogs sleep for about 12 hours a day. That’s half the day!

With all the varieties of shapes, padding, heat insulation, and size, you might be wondering which type of bed is the best fit for your dog. This is no easy feat since there is a large international market for dog beds. If a bed is too small or too big, or too soft or too hard, they may choose to sleep on the floor instead. Beyond that, your dog might not like the material or feel of their dog bed.

Picking out the proper dog bed can be a lengthy process. If it’s in your budget, try to invest in two different types of beds and see which one your dog prefers, then return the other. Even better, you can take them shopping to see if they’ll pick one out themselves! Additionally, you can try asking friends, family, and loved ones for any dog beds they don’t need anymore that might suit your dog’s wants and needs.

Whatever the case is, your dog may choose to sleep on the floor if their current dog bed isn’t a good fit for them in terms of comfort. Though it may seem odd that a dog might prefer the comfort of hardwood floors to a plush dog bed, this is very common. It may take trial and error, but eventually, you should find the right bed for your dog.

Reason 4: Your Dog’s Bed Isn’t Close Enough to You

If your dog’s bed is in the other room, they’ll probably choose to sleep on the floor next to you! We love dogs for their loyal, loving natures. Part of the reason they might be sleeping on the floor, and not in their bed, is because they’d rather be close to you at all times.

Whether you work from home or love to relax in bed after a long day, your pup may be wanting to be as close to you as possible. If their dog bed isn’t readily available by your side, it could seem like they really love to sleep on the floor. 

To see if this is the case, try moving their dog bed next to you while you’re doing chores, relaxing, or getting work done. This should usually do the trick. After all, dogs are emotional creatures and thrive off of being close to their owners and family. 

Ultimately, your dog’s favorite thing in this world is your love and affection. If they choose to sleep on the floor next to you instead of in their cozy dog bed, take it as a testament of their love!

Reason 5: Your Dog is Sleeping On the Floor Out of Habit

If you just adopted a dog or puppy, then sleeping on the floor instead of in a dog bed could be a force of habit for them. They might have learned to enjoy the feeling of sleeping on the floor or they grew used to it in their life before you. However, maybe you’ve had your dog for years and they’ve always had a habit of sleeping on the floor. 

Whatever the reason is, it’s normal to want your dog to feel comfortable and secure. As humans, our bed is our safe space at night when we’re done with the day. It’s natural that we think our dogs want the same thing.

Although it may seem strange that your dog prefers to sleep on the floor, the reason could just be that they’re doing it out of habit. 

Reason 6: Your Dog May Just Like to Sleep on the Floor

Let’s face it, the answer could be as simple as your dog may prefer the feel of sleeping on the floor versus sleeping on a bed. While it could be a combination of the reasons we’ve listed, it could be the simple fact that they like the feel of the floor better.

Since dogs sleep a lot (roughly half the day, as previously mentioned), sleeping on the floor could be a thing of sheer convenience, as well. Dogs love convenience, especially if it means they get to be closer to you or their food and water. Lots of factors can tie into your dog’s preference for sleeping on the floor.

Besides, dogs haven’t always slept on cozy beds for a majority of their history. Their wolf cousins and ancestors never slept on manufactured bedding, which could be a reason why your dog loves to catch some z’s on the floor. It might feel more natural to them.

Reason 7: Your Dog Might Be in Pain

Usually, dogs like to sleep on the floor out of sheer want. However, if your dog was previously sleeping in a bed, or is developing unusual sleeping patterns, it could be a sign that your dog is in pain.

Sleep patterns and habits can tell us a lot about our health, but they can also tell us just as much about a dog’s. With so many factors playing into a dog’s health and well-being, it’s important to know the signs of when a dog might be in pain

Dogs are virtually immobilized when they sleep. When a dog sleeps in one spot, it puts pressure on their joints and limbs. If your dog is in pain, they may frequently wake to move around and switch positions to ease pressure on their hips and joints. This results in your dog not getting enough quality sleep and can turn into a vicious cycle. 

Your dog may result to sleeping on the floor because they feel it’s easier to get up to move around when pain strikes. They may also prefer the feeling of the floor against their body. 

Should You Worry About Your Dog Sleeping On the Floor?

One of the main concerns owners have about their dogs sleeping on the floor is if it’s okay for them long-term. While sleeping on the floor every now and then shouldn’t cause harm to your dog, dog beds might be better for ensuring bone and joint health over time.

A quality dog bed helps support your dog’s joint health, which can be beneficial as dogs age and begin to develop conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia over time. Good dog beds can help cushion a dog’s joints and bones. In a nutshell, some may argue that good dog beds can be both a preventative measure against age-related joint conditions, and provide relief from existing pain. There are even studies to support that orthopedic dog beds can have a major impact on some dog’s quality of life. 

Another point some make is that a dog bed provides more adequate, quality sleep. Since sleep is such an integral part of a dog’s life, it’s easy to see why a supportive dog bed has a lot of appeal. 

All in all, it’s not a major cause for concern if your dog chooses to sleep on the floor, but dog beds can provide joint support that dogs probably won’t get from the floor.


Overall, there are plenty of reasons why your dog may choose to sleep on the floor. Maybe they don’t like the feel of their bed. Maybe they want to be next to you. Whatever their reason is, it’s perfectly normal and common for your dog to doze off on the floor from time to time.

With a good dog bed, or even an occasional nap on the floor, the most important thing is that your dog gets enough adequate sleep throughout the day.

While it may seem strange to us that our dog would choose the hard, cold floor over a comfy bed, it’s just a part of them being a dog! Chances are, your pup will be snuggling up next to you in your bed before the sun rises.

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