Why Are Dogs Gentle With Eggs?

Why Are Dogs Gentle With Eggs

If you have a dog, chances are that you have seen many different videos of dogs doing both funny and impressive things. One of those videos are all about dogs that are given eggs by their owners and instead of breaking them, they hold them gently.

So, why are dogs gentle with eggs?

Not all dogs are gentle with eggs, and some of them will end up breaking them, but generally speaking, most of the dogs that are gentle with eggs are considered “soft mouth” breeds. Dogs that hold eggs without breaking them might also have received proper training.

Let’s take a closer look at these few reasons why dogs are gentle with eggs. We will also discuss whether all dogs have the potential to hold eggs without breaking them and how you could try to teach your dog to do so.

Why Are Dogs Gentle With Eggs?

So, let’s dive deeper and check some of the reasons some dogs are able to keep eggs intact while holding them.

Some Dogs Are Soft Mouth Breeds

If you haven’t seen any videos of dogs being gentle with eggs, then you might be unfamiliar with the “egg challenge.” Some people have discovered that when they give their pup an egg, their dogs just hold it in their mouths. Even more surprising, some dogs don’t break them!

Some dogs might be gentle with eggs because they might have something known as a soft mouth.

You might have noticed that most of the videos of dogs carrying eggs without breaking them appear to be golden retrievers, labrador retrievers, or other types of retrievers. Other breeds include a few spaniels, setters, and poodles.

These dog breeds are considered mouthy dog breeds. This means that they tend to use their mouths more than other breeds and a lot of them are able to control the strength of their own bite which gives them the ability to hold objects in their mouths gently and without having the tendency to fully bite them.

That’s most likely because these dogs were bred to help with hunting. For example, retrievers were bred to help retrieve animals such as ducks without harming them. This ability to hold objects without breaking them is called bite inhibition.

Other hunting dog breeds like most, if not all, terriers are not soft-mouth breeds because they were bred to kill small animals like rodents. They never needed the ability to gently hold an animal.

Every dog breed was bred for a reason and while some of those reasons are not the ones needed for many dog owners, the dogs can still have their characteristics and traits passed on to other aspects of their lives.

Watch this short clip of a golden retriever holding an egg gently:

Some Dogs Are Trained To Hold Objects

Dogs, while sometimes goofy and clumsy, are very smart creatures. With the right supplies, motivation, and patience, they can learn many different tasks and tricks. It’s not uncommon for dogs to learn things from simple commands like “sit” to more complex tasks like those some service dogs do.

Some dogs might be gentle with eggs because they were trained to do so.

One command some dogs learn is to hold objects. While the command is not specific to holding an egg, dogs can be taught to hold things and might not need to fully bite to hold them.

It takes time and patience to train dogs. Using the operant conditioning method, you might be able to teach your dog to do simple commands such as “sit” and “high five.” It can also be used for specific commands such as being gentle with an egg if your dog has the temperament and patience to do so.

Positive reinforcement is the best training method to show your dog what your expectations are. Giving your dog a treat every time they do the action you want them to do tells them that they will get something good if they do the thing they did before getting the treat.

If you want to try teaching your dog to be gentle with eggs, you could start teaching them to hold things they naturally pick up and slowly introduce items that are similar to an egg.

While this does not guarantee that they’ll be able to hold an egg without breaking it, this command is something that can come in handy for cute photos where you would want your pup to be holding an object!

Is it Dangerous To Give Your Dog An Egg?

Dogs, unless they have an allergy or some other medical reason not to, are able to eat cooked eggs with no seasoning. Feeding your dog with raw eggs, however, are really dangerous, not only because your dog might have an allergy, but because of salmonella and other bacteria. Additionally, raw eggs can cause biotin deficiency.

Feeding your dog a whole raw egg can also be a choking hazard. While the egg shells contain calcium that can be beneficial for dogs, the shells can also break into pieces that are big enough to get stuck in your dog’s throat. To ensure your dog is eating safely, dog owners should be present whenever their dogs are eating something.

If you have any questions about whether your dog can have eggs or anything related to their behavior or diet, never feel afraid to ask your veterinarian. If they don’t know the answer to your question, they will most likely be able to direct you to someone who does! It’s a veterinarian’s mission to keep your pets happy and healthy!

So, Are All Dogs Gentle With Eggs?

While there are many videos showing dogs being gentle with eggs, it is important to keep in mind that not all dogs are the same. Some dogs are just generally more gentle with objects than other dogs. The videos you see online are not always posted after the first take. It might have taken multiple tries for someone’s dog to hold the egg without breaking it.

If you try this “egg challenge” with your pup at home and they drop it right away or seem to make it their toy, don’t get mad or frustrated with them because they didn’t do what you expected. They probably have never done it before and suddenly you’re shoving an egg in their face! It can be frustrating for them as well!

Dogs cannot always understand what we want from them. While they are able to read our body language most of the time, they might need a few seconds to process what is happening and think about what they should do in situations new to them.

It’s important to think about the situation through your dog’s eyes and be patient with them. They’re always trying their best to make you happy!

Check out this funny video of a dog failing the egg challenge:

Closing Thoughts

Dogs are amazing creatures and companions, but most importantly they are a lot smarter than people think. Many canine companions know when to be cautious and when to be a little more gentle whether we’re talking about an egg or something much more significant, a human baby.

But just because some dogs can carry an egg in their mouth without breaking it, it doesn’t mean you should follow this trend with your pooch, especially if you think your dog is not as gentle. Raw eggs can be dangerous if consumed, but they are also annoying to clean!

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