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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 👍

Every class and private session is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with our training, you’ll get a full refund. No tricks or hoops to jump through (those are just for the dogs)!

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Our Dog Training Services 🐾

Big dogs, small dogs, young dogs, old dogs, anxious dogs, aggressive and stressed dogs…we help ALL dogs! 

All classes and private sessions are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and include UNLIMITED text and email support from your Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). 


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Puppy Training

Help your puppy be the best dog they can be!

We recommend a combination of our group puppy classes for socialization and fundamentals along with a private training sessions to work on training specific to your individual pup.

We can help you avoid the common problems that start in puppyhood!

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Leash Walking Basic Package

Focus on solving leash training problems with our 3 session package!

Learn how to stop pulling, zig-zagging, jumping, and lunging on leash while teaching your pup a formal "heel" and loose leash walking!

This is a 3-session package for only $299!

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Private Dog Training

One-on-one traing in your home, our facility or a location of your choice!

Private training with Zoie Keast, one of the few Certified Professional Dog Trainers in Colorado Springs. We help with everything from basic obedience to more advanced behavior problems.

Each session is $149 for an hour of in-home training!

Not Sure Where To Start? 🙋

Call us! We’re happy to help and available now! 

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Meet Your Local Dog Trainer

Zoie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) with 12 years of experience training dogs and managing behavior programs in animal shelters throughout Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming.

Because of her background in animal sheltering and welfare, Zoie is particularly passionate and skilled in supporting animals experiencing fear and anxiety after being rehomed or experiencing abuse.

Learn more about Zoie here.

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Hear From Other Pup Parents 📢

Our Dog Training Philosophy

We always use methods that encourage trust and communication, which starts with a strong foundation of positive reinforcement. Training should be fun, encouraging, and effective! 

When your dog understands what you want and you understand what your dog needs- there is no limit to what you and your dog can do!

Having worked in animal shelters for decades, we have seen the wide variety of behaviors and challenges that dogs and their owners face, so there’s not much we haven’t seen!

If you’ve adopted a dog from a local shelter or rescue, you may be experiencing behavioral challenges that have nothing to do with you or your home environment, but are instead responses your dog is having due to learned behavior in their past.

Puppies are no different! What they experience in their first 12 weeks of life can be just as impactful as their genetics. Starting training in puppyhood ensures a strong relationship between you and your dog and reduces the likelihood of behavioral challenges presenting later in life.

Our goal is to figure out how you and your dog can communicate with each other naturally, clearly, and with trust. 

Even if your dog has a solid understanding of commands, they can benefit from group or private training to keep them mentally engaged, learning, and growing; which is extremely important to their health and happiness, and yours too!

We're In Colorado Springs! 📍

1720 W Bijou St
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Please note, this address is an administrative location only.

Training sessions are held in your home or at a predetermined location. 


If you any questions about our dog training classes, don’t hesitate to call or text! We’re happy to help! But here are some of the more common questions we get! 

Each private dog training session is $149. There is no additional cost for the first consult (unlike other local trainers). 

Our Puppy Basics and Adult Basics classes are $225 which includes 4 sessions. 

We’re always running specials and discounts so call or use our contact form to reach out and learn more. 

There are never any surprise charges and you’re never forced to buy large packages. 

No, we never use electric or prong collars. We focus on positive reinforcement techniques that make training fun for everyone. 

Simply put, if you’re not happy with any class or private dog training session just let us know and we’ll provide a full refund. It’s that simple! No tricks (those are just for dogs). 

Our Head Trainer, Zoie Keast, currently teaches all classes and provides all private training. 

Zoie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) with 12 years of experience training dogs and managing behavior programs in animal shelters throughout Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming.

All dog training classes are held at: 

2212 Academy Pl
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Yes! We offer private one-on-one dog training in your home or at our training facility! Just let us know what works best for you!

For puppy training classes, we require the following: 

  • Two Distemper Combo (DA2PP or DHPP) vaccines
  • One Bordetella vaccine, if age-appropriate
  • Rabies vaccine, if age-appropriate

For adult training classes, we require the following: 

  • Current on all vaccinations including Rabies, Distemper Combo Vaccine (DA2PP or DHPP), and Bordetella

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2212 Academy Pl
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