7 Best Crates For Rottweilers

Best Crates For Rottweilers

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As amazing as it can be to share your home with a big burly Rottweiler, it can sometimes be hard to accommodate these giant dogs!

Everything from water bowls and collars to chew toys and kongs needs to be not only bigger but also more durable for Rottweilers.

But one of the biggest challenges for Rottie parents is the crate!

Crates are a critical part of keeping you and your Rottweiler happy but finding one that’s durable and large enough for your Rottie can be a challenge- even more so if you have a fast-growing Rottie puppy that will quickly outgrow a smaller crate.

That’s why we’ve put together our list of the 7 best carriers for Rotties of any size and almost any situation. So whether you’re looking for a crate for your home or something that will work on an airline we’ve got you covered.

We’re also going to cover everything you need to consider when picking out the perfect crate but if you just want to skip ahead and see what made the list you can check out our favorites here:

  1. Best Overall: MidWest Homes iCrate (Single Door or Double Door) Dog Crate
  2. Best Crate For Giant Rottweilers: MidWest Homes XXL Giant Dog Crate
  3. Best Soft-Sided Crate: Amazon Basics Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate Carrier Kennel
  4. Largest Soft-Sided Crate: Folding Soft Dog Crate for Extra Large Dogs by DogGoods
  5. Best Crate For Airlines: Petmate VARI KENNEL
  6. Best Heavy Duty Crate: ITORI Indestructible Dog Crate
  7. Most Stylish Crate For Rotties: Frisco “Broadway” Dog Crate Credenza

What To Look For In A Crate For Your Rottweiler?

There are some things that will be applicable for any dog and then there are factors that are extra important for the Rottweiler breed. We’ll take a quick look at both so you know exactly what to look for when it comes to finding the perfect crate for your big Rottie.

Finding The Right Size Crate

By far the most important factor is the size of the crate.

I know, it’s pretty obvious that if your Rottie can’t fit in the crate then it’s not going to work very well.

But you also don’t want a crate that’s too big as this can lead to its own set of problems.

Ideally, crates should be big enough that a Rottie can stand, sit, turn and lie down but not any larger. Any bigger and pups may decide that there’s enough room to use the bathroom in their crate which means a big mess.

According to veterinarian Georgina Ushi Phillips, you should add around 4 to 5 inches to your dog’s height and length to find the ideal measurements for your crate. For most fully grown Rottweilers, that means a crate height of roughly 30 to 31 inches for males and 29 to 30 inches for females but you can always go taller.

When it comes to the length you’ll usually need a crate that’s at least 48 inches long for males and at least 45 inches long for females. You typically won’t have to worry about width since a longer crate will usually be wider. So as long as you get the correct length, the width will fall into place.

If your Rottweiler is on the bigger or smaller size then you’ll need to adjust but that gives you a rough guideline of what to look for.

Measuring Your Rottweiler

While those rough guidelines will get you started, you should still measure your Rottweiler to get the perfect fit.

Long and lanky breeds are usually a bit taller when they’re sitting instead of standing but the stocky Rottweiler is typically close to the same height in both positions. Still, if you want to play it safe, measure your Rottweiler while they’re in the sitting position to get the most accurate measurement.

Start by measuring your dog from their feet to the top of their head and add around 4 to 5 inches to that which will give you the ideal height for your Rottie’s crate.

For the length, you’ll measure nose to butt while excluding your Rottweiler’s tail (if they have one). Add another 4 to 5 inches to that measurement to find the ideal length for your Rottie’s crate. If your Rottie does have a tail, then you can add somewhere closer to 6 to 8 inches to leave some room for wags but just make sure there isn’t too much extra space.

Selecting The Correct Crate Type For You And Your Rottie

Once you know what size you’re looking for, it’s time to figure out what type of crate will work best for you…and your pup!

Wire crates are usually the best starting point since they’re easy to use, simple to clean, and the most affordable.

But the best crate for you depends on what you need so let’s look at all your choices and where they work best.

Wire Crates

This is the classic crate that most folks are familiar with. These are easy on the budget, sturdy and unless your Rottweiler is especially rough on crates these can last you for years. They aren’t the most mobile option but the majority of these fold up and are easy to store when not in use. Many (including the ones on this list) come with dividers that are perfect for growing puppies that aren’t quite ready for the full-size version of their crate.

Because they’re so simple, they’re usually the most budget-friendly option and a good starting point for the majority of people and pups.

Soft-Sided Crates

Instead of metal wires, soft-sided crates have nylon, canvas, or some other soft material for walls.

Just because these crates are soft-sided doesn’t make them weak and many have metal frames that are strong enough to earn exceptional ratings in crash testing. Others may be a bit more flimsy but no matter what kind of frame is used one thing is true: Rottweilers can easily get out of soft-sided crates.

Whether it’s by way claw, paw, or tooth, a nylon wall isn’t going to stand up to a Rottweilers. That makes these a poor choice for puppies or adult Rottweilers that are still being crate trained.

But if your Rottweiler has already mastered the crate, then soft-sided crates are an excellent choice for travel, camping, or any other situation where you need a crate on the go. Not only are these crates much lighter than wire crates, but they typically fold up into a small, lightweight, and easy-to-carry version.

Hard Plastic Crates

Hard plastic crates are somewhere between their wire and soft-sided cousins. You may also hear these referred to as airplane carriers or airline crates but they have plenty of uses well beyond travel.

The hard plastic outer shell reduces visibility and can actually be a good thing for Rottweilers that are easily stimulated. Dogs will still be able to see out the wire gate and the small holes along the sides but it’s still a big difference compared to the mostly open wire crate where dogs may constantly feel the need to react to the world around them.

Smaller versions of these are used to carry dogs around by a handle but you won’t see anyone doing that with their Rottweiler. Instead, you’ll sometimes see wheels attached but most of the time it’s expected that these crates will be transported via cart or car.

Flying with Rottweilers isn’t easy, not only because they’re big but they’re also a part of many banned breeds lists. But if you are going to brave the skies with your Rottweiler, this is the sort of crate airlines will require.

Furniture-Style Crates

Then there are crates that are designed to look good in your home. These could be made out of just about any material, including wood, and they’re designed to look like end tables and other common household items.

These can be a great option for well-trained Rottweilers but because they are often made of tougher-to-clean materials going for aesthetic appeal above all else isn’t a good idea for puppies.

Reinforced Heavy Duty Crates

Lastly, there’s a category of crates that may have features of both wire or hard plastic crates but are heavily reinforced. This includes additional latches, sturdier walls, and other features that make these heavy-duty.

Despite their size and power, most Rottweilers won’t need a heavy-duty crate and a little training can go a long way to setting your Rottie up for success without investing in a reinforced crate. Still, I’ve included one on this list for folks that need them.

Additional Features To Look For

Even though crates are quite simple from a design perspective, there are some features that go beyond the basics.

Extra Entries and Doors

If you’re using your crate in the car, you may want to consider additional doors. A side door can be especially useful if you’re using your crate in any of the passenger seats of your vehicle since it allows your Rottweiler to enter from the street.

Top entry doors can also be handy for sharing treats or depositing toys without having to open the front door and leading your Rottie to think it’s time to leave the crate.

Adjustable Sizes

If your Rottweiler is still a puppy then an adjustable crate is a necessity. As we’ve already explained, too much room, and your puppy will likey to decide to poop in the crate as they designate one section to be their “bathroom zone”.

Wire crates are the easiest to adjust but there are plenty of other puppy-friendly options out there.


Soft-sides crates are usually the best for mobility thanks to their lightweight but if you need something sturdier then look for crates with wheels or other mobility features.

Best Crates For Rottweilers

Now that you know exactly where looking, let’s dive into the reviews of our favorite crates for Rotties starting with our best overall!

Best Overall: MidWest Homes iCrate (Single Door or Double Door) Dog Crate

New World Pet Products Newly Enhanced Single & Double Door New World Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof...

✅ Available in a 48-inch length which is perfect for most Rottweilers
✅ Easy on the budget and backed by a 1-year warranty
✅ Comes with a divider so it's perfect for Rottie pups that are still growing
✅ More than 95,000 five star reviews on Amazon

It’s hard to beat this durable crate from the folks at MidWest Homes and it’s a clear winner for the best overall spot.

While quality is the most important factor, especially when it comes to our pets, we can’t ignore the price and just because wire crates are simply designed doesn’t make them easy on the budget. But MidWest Homes has produced a quality crate at an extremely competitive price, especially if you’re comfortable with the single door option.

You have the choice between a single door, which is the front entry that you’re used to seeing on most crates, or a double door option which includes an extra entry on the side. For most folks, the single door is all you’ll need but if you need to put the crate in a very specific location you may have a use for the double door option and the price difference is really pretty minimal.

For a better idea of what these doors look like, you can see them in action in the video below. But keep in mind the crate in that video is larger than the one we’re reviewing but it does a much better job of showing how the doors work compared to the Amazon page.

At 48 inches, this crate will provide plenty of room for Rottweilers that are up to around 42 inches in length. There are also smaller options available at a lower price if your Rottweiler is on the small side.

And if your Rottweiler puppy is still potty training and needs a smaller crate, you’ll be happy to know that this crate comes with a divider included. It’s not the most high-tech divider and it will prevent you from using the side door when it’s in place, but it gets the job done. You also won’t need it for long since your Rottweiler will quickly grow to full size.

Once again, the Amazon product page does a poor job of explaining or showing the divider so you can check out this YouTube video if you want a closer look at the divider in action.

Midwest Homes delivers in terms of construction and design as well. With a double latch system, Rottweilers will have to work extra hard to shake the door open and while it’s possible it’s also pretty unlikely.

Finally, there are more than 95,000 five-star reviews on Amazon for this crate across all the available sizes. Yes, that’s not a typo. 95,000 is a lot of happy customers and probably a bigger endorsement than anything that one Rottie lover like me could say!

You can read some of those reviews and check out today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best Crate For Giant Rottweilers: MidWest Homes XXL Giant Dog Crate

Midwest Homes for Pets SL54DD Ginormus Double Door Dog Crate for XXL for the Largest Dogs Breeds,...

✅ 54-inches long means it's big enough for even the largest Rottweilers
✅ Reasonable price when you consider just how big this crate really is
✅ Your choice of single or double doors
✅ More than 6,000 five star reviews on Amazon

If you have a truly giant Rottweiler then you’re going to need an even bigger crate.

Well, it doesn’t get much bigger than this 54-inch behemoth from the folks at MidWest Homes. Designed for breeds like Great Danes, Mastiffs and other large bully breeds this crate is well-suited for the extra-large Rottweiler.

However, it’s worth emphasizing that this crate is massive and the majority of Rottweiler won’t need a crate quite this size.

Just like our best overall pick, you can expect a reasonable price (at least when you consider the size of this crate) along with solid construction and plenty of happy customers. Of course, there aren’t quite as many reviews since there aren’t as many giant dogs out there but 6,000+ five stars reviews are still quite impressive.

You can check out more reviews, take a closer look at this giant crate and see today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best Soft-Sided Crate: Amazon Basics Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate Carrier Kennel

Amazon Basics Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate Carrier Kennel, 42 x 31 x 31 Inches, Grey

✅ Available in 5 different colors so you can find the perfect style for your space
✅ Extra pockets on the top and sides for storing treats, toys, and other essentials
✅ Weighs only 13 pounds and easily folds down
✅ More than 7,500 five star reviews on Amazon
❌ Only available up to 42-inches which may not be large enough for some Rottweilers

It’s not easy to find soft-sided crates that are large enough for a Rottweiler and most manufacturers don’t go larger than 42 inches. Unfortunately, this crate from Amazon Basics is no different but if your Rottweiler is 38 inches or less then this soft-sided crate will still be big enough!

Bigger Rotties may not be able to go for soft-sided crates at all and your best close alternative would be the airline-approved crate by Petmate further down this list.

Still, for Rottweilers that can fit, this crate is a great way to introduce something with a little more style- whether that’s inside your home or on the go. With 5 different colors to pick from, you even find one that matches your Rottweiler’s collar if that’s what you’re into!

If you ever need to move this crate, you’ll enjoy the fact that it only weighs 13 pounds which is 30 pounds less than our best overall wire crate. You can carry it via a handle on the top of the crate or fold it down and toss it in the car.

This crate is also one of the more budget-friendly options out there, especially when you consider the huge range of prices when it comes to soft-sided crates. It’s also backed by more than 7,500 five-star reviews which means you’re getting a good balance of value and price.

You can check out all 5 colors, read more reviews and see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


Largest Soft-Sided Crate: Folding Soft Dog Crate for Extra Large Dogs by DogGoods

Folding Soft Dog Crate for Extra Large Dogs by DogGoods Dog Kennels and Crates Collapsible Dog Crate...

✅ 48 inches long means it's larger than the vast majority of soft-sided crates on the market
✅ Easy to dismantle and wash and many components can be tossed in the washer
✅ Four seatbelt loops to keep the crate stable on the road
✅ Multiple entry and exit points for easy access for any angle
❌ Not the most budget-friendly crate on this list

If your Rottweiler is bigger than average, then 42 inches may not be enough.

That’s where this 48-inch soft-sided crate comes into the picture and 48 inches should be enough room for just about any Rottweiler.

While this isn’t the most budget-friendly option, it is one of the few soft-sided crates that are available at this size. You’ll also get a handful of other features that are nice to have.

For starters, the majority of components can be removed and tossed into the wash. If your Rottweiler is making messes in their crate they probably shouldn’t be in a soft-sided crate to begin with, but if you’re just cleaning off the dirt after camping, easy cleaning is always nice to have.

Then there are the 4 seatbelt loops along the front and side of this crate which will make trips in the car a bit safer. This crate isn’t crash-tested but securing your dog can help prevent disaster in the case of a crash.

As with the other soft-sided crate, there are also a handful of attached pouches and bags that can come in handle if you’re on the road. This crate only weighs 18.5 pounds (roughly 5 pounds more than the other soft-sided option) and can fold down as well.

But unlike the previous soft-sided crate, this one has multiple entry points. That may not be a big deal if you’re strictly using the crate for your home but when it comes to the car, multiple entry points can make life much easier as your Rottweiler can enter the crate from the side.

Overall, this is an excellent crate and may be one of your only soft-sided options if your Rottweiler is especially large.  You can take a closer look at just how small this crate can fold, read more reviews, and see today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.

Best Crate For Airlines: Petmate VARI KENNEL

Petmate Ultra Vari Dog Kennel for Extra Large Dogs (Durable, Heavy Duty Dog Travel Crate, Made with...

✅ 48 inches long which is enough room for most Rotties
✅ Meets the majority of airline specifications and requirements
✅ Strong, heavy-duty siding with plenty of ventilation
✅ Hundreds of happy reviews from big dog owners
❌Heavy and difficult to move without a cart

Even though this is our winner for folks who are looking to fly with their Rottie, an airline crate can be a great option for the home as well.

Airline carriers are not a good choice for Rottweilers that are still learning not to make a mess in their crate but for well-trained Rotts they can be a great choice. The hard plastic instead of wire gives the crate an automatic cover which can reduce stimulation and help active dogs calm down.

And even though they’re not exactly stylish, some folks may prefer the look of an airline crate instead of a wire crate in their home.

But when it comes to flying, style goes out the window and you’ll need to make sure that your crate is in compliance with the airline requirements. Keep in mind, that these requirements can vary between specific airlines but this Petmate crate will be just what you need for most airlines.

You might assume that it would be standard to include wheels on any crate that’s specifically made for travel but many airlines actually restrict crates from having wheels since it adds an extra layer of complication to the process of moving them. So while it can certainly feel inconvenient when you’re trying to move this 51-pound crate (and that’s before your Rottweiler is inside) the lack of wheels is a good thing if you ever need to fly.

Overall, this crate makes a great choice for the ground or the skies and you can check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best Heavy Duty Crate: ITORI Indestructible Dog Crate

ITORI 48 inch XXL Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate, Dog Cage Kennel Crate and Playpen for...

✅ At 48 inches, it's one of the longest heavy duty crates you can find which is perfect for Rottweilers
✅ Reinforced steel and an upgraded lock prevent even the strongest Rotties from breaking out
✅ Removable tray makes cleaning super easy
✅ 4 wheels make moving this big 83-pound crate easy
❌ Front door would be preferred instead of the side door

Even though Rottweilers aren’t known as escape artists, they’re still highly intelligent so many will quickly figure out that it doesn’t take much to break out. Whether that’s using their brawn to push the door open or their brains to figure out how to shake the latch open, some Rottweilers won’t be able to resist.

This heavy-duty crate from ITORI is designed for exactly these kinds of Rotties in mind and it’s one of the longest heavy-duty crates you can find. Still, it’s worth pointing out that most dogs should enjoy their crate so if your Rottweiler hates hanging out in the crate then it’s a good idea to look a little closer at what’s going on.

Instead of the traditional latch that clever pups can shake open, this crate features two heavy-duty locks that will just about impossible for Rottweilers to open from the inside. The crate has a similar style to the wire crates we’ve looked at but you’ll immediately notice that instead of wires it’s more like bars that are stronger and more durable.

In fact, this heavy-duty crate is made from reinforced steel! That also means this crate is heavy and weighs in at 83.6 pounds! I know, that’s a lot but it’s exactly what you’d want from a heavy-duty crate.

To make life easier, there are 4 sturdy wheels so you can push this heavy crate around instead of trying to lug all 83.6 pounds around the house. The wheels are strong, but I wouldn’t want to roll them on anything besides the indoor floor for any real length of time.

While most Rottweiler owners won’t need a heavy-duty crate, for those that do it’s hard to find one that’s bigger than this!

You can take a closer look at this heavy-duty crate, read more reviews and see today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


Most Stylish Crate For Rotties: Frisco “Broadway” Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit

Frisco "Broadway" Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit

Buy On Chewy

✅ 55 inches long which is plenty for even the longest Rottweiler
✅ Stylish design allows this crate to be used as a media center or a sofa table
✅ Multiple colors are available so you can find the right match for your home
❌ 30 inches tall which may be a little tight for some Rotties

A dog crate isn’t the most beautiful thing you can bring into your home- even more so when you consider that your Rottweiler is going to need a big crate.

That can mean a big eyesore.

But the folks at Frisco are trying to change that with a large, stylish, and reasonably priced furniture-style crate.

This massive 55-inch long crate doesn’t just look like furniture…you can actually use it as furniture! Whether that’s for your stereo, television, or just decorations, this 100+ pound wood-accented crate is designed to handle it. You can check out photos from other reviewers to see some ideas on how you can incorporate this crate into your own living space!

This crate isn’t cheap but when you think of it as a piece of furniture and not just a dog crate the price suddenly becomes a lot more reasonable. If you plan ahead, you can get a ton of function from this crate as both furniture and a comfortable den for your Rottie dog!

Just be aware that while the crate is plenty long enough, the height is a little on the low end at 30 inches. This will be enough for most Rottweilers but it could be tight for some. Still, this is the largest furniture-style crate that I could find and luckily it’s just enough for most Rotties.

You can take a closer look at both color options, read more reviews and check out today’s price on Chewy by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered a lot of information about finding the perfect crate but you still may have some questions.

Well, we’ve got answers so let’s get into it!

What size crate is best for a Rottweiler?

Most adult Rottweilers need a crate that’s 48 inches long but smaller Rotties could do well with a 42-inch crate. There aren’t many crates between those sizes so you’re typically selecting between those two size options.

What size crate is best for Rottweiler puppies?

Because puppies can vary such much in size, you’ll want to measure your puppy regularly to find the right size. Stick with a crate that’s roughly 4 inches longer than your Rottweiler. Most wire crates include a divider that makes it easy to adjust the crate size for your growing puppy.

What is the best crate for Rottweilers?

Our recommendation for Rottweilers is the iPet crate from MidWest Homes. This crate is available in a 48 length option, is easy on the budget, and comes with a divider so you can use it with both adults and Rottweiler puppies.

Closing Thoughts

Most dogs can benefit from a comfortable, cozy, and sturdy crate.

But unfortunately, finding a crate that’s big enough for the powerful Rottweiler isn’t always easy!

I hope you’ve found the perfect crate for you, your Rottweiler, and your home! Whether that’s the simple and affordable wire crate or something a bit fancier, I’ve really tried to cover the full range of Rottie-friendly crate options.

What do you think? Did you find what you were looking for?

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