6 Best Collars for Rottweilers

best collar for rottweiler

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Rottweilers need an extremely sturdy collar because they are large, powerful dogs with thick necks. While Rottweilers are very trainable and most can be taught to walk on a loose leash without straining at their collar, you want to know that the collar you have on your Rottweiler is strong enough to hold them if they do decide to pull. During training, it’s essential to have a sturdy collar that won’t slip off or break, even if your Rottweiler is fighting against the leash.

Depending on your Rottweiler’s training and what you want to do with them, there are some variations in the best collar for your Rottweiler. We’ll go over the best collars for your Rottweiler in detail, but if you want to skip ahead to choose the one that’s likely to be best for you, here are my favorites:

  1. Best Everyday Collar: Black Rhino - The Comfort Collar
  2. Best for Handling: Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar with Handle
  3. Most Stylish: DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar
  4. Best Working Rottie Collar: Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar
  5. Best Leash Walking Collar: Max and Neo Stainless Steel Collar
  6. Best Escape Proof Collar: CollarDirect Martingale Dog Collar

How is the Best Collar For Rottweilers Different Than Other Collars?

Rottweilers are a unique breed, and they need special collars for a couple of key reasons. The primary difference between a Rottweiler and most other dog breeds is the Rottweiler’s size and power. 

Rottweilers often weigh over a hundred pounds, making them larger than the vast majority of dog breeds. Rottweilers need a very strong collar to hold up to the force of their strength.

A Rottweiler’s unique head shape also demands a special collar. Rottweilers have a big head with large jaws, giving them one of the strongest bites in the dog world. They also have a thick, muscular neck, designed to help those powerful jaws hold on to an adversary. 

Depending on what you do with your Rottweiler, you may need a collar to correct pulling or one that is safe and comfortable for your Rottweiler even when they are straining against it. The Rottweiler is a highly versatile breed, so the collar that is best for your Rottweiler will depend on what you want to do with them.

What to Look For in a Rottweiler Collar


Your Rottweiler’s collar needs to be able to hold up to a lot of pressure from your dog without breaking. Both the collar itself and any buckles or attachment points need to be reinforced. 

You do not want your Rottweiler to break their collar when you are trying to restrain them, so choose a collar strong enough for this powerful breed.


Rottweilers have thick necks and big heads. Some dogs have slightly smaller jaws so the neck and head may be similar in size. This is more likely in female Rotties compared to males and in American bred Rottweilers versus German Rotties. The difference between American and German Rotties largely comes from the stricter enforcement of breed standards in Germany, which keeps Rottweilers closer to the breed standard, which means a bulkier body and larger head than what is often seen in American Rotties. 

In Rotties with smaller heads and narrower jaws, collars may be able to slip over their heads more easily. Your Rottweiler may deliberately try to back out of the collar when you apply pressure to the leash, especially if they really want to get away, so you need a collar that won’t slip over your Rottweiler’s head. If your Rottie has a smaller head and jaw, a martingale-style collar is likely the best choice for you. 

For dogs with larger heads and jaws, a standard buckle collar will be secure when fastened correctly. 


Rottweilers tend to put a lot of pressure on their collars, so you want a collar that will be comfortable for your Rottie to wear even when they are leaning into it. Collars with padding and/or that are wide enough that they don’t cut into your dog’s skin under pressure are extremely important.


The Rottweiler is a black dog, which means that they can be almost invisible at night. It’s a good idea to choose a collar that is reflective so your dog will be visible at night. 

Many people are intimidated by Rottweilers, so someone may be afraid to handle your Rottweiler even if they seem very friendly. Therefore, it’s good to have a collar that clearly identifies your Rottweiler even from a slight distance with labeling right on the collar rather than on tags. An easy-to-read number or address makes it more likely that your dog will be returned if they should get away from you. 


This may be the least important thing in your Rottie’s collar, but it shouldn’t be overlooked entirely. The Rottweiler is an impressive, good-looking dog, and you probably want a stylish collar to help emphasize how attractive your dog is. 

How Are You Going to Use The Collar?

The collar that you choose will largely depend on what you want to do with your Rottweiler. If you just want a collar to identify your dog and take them for casual walks, you’ll need a different collar than if you are correcting pulling on a walk or doing bite work training with your dog. 

Many people have at least two or three collars for their Rottweiler to use for different functions. Make sure that you are covering everything that you need to do with your Rottweiler when you purchase collars for them.

Everyday Wear

The collar that your Rottie wears every day should be thick and padded enough to be comfortable even when your Rottie puts pressure on it. Ideally, it will have reflective stitching in case your dog gets away at night. 


If you’re training your Rottie in bitework, you need a thick, padded, comfortable collar that your dog can pull against without discomfort. Ideally, it will also have a handle to make it easier for you to hold onto. Belt-style buckle collars work best for this type of work, so you won’t have to worry about a clicking buckle letting loose. 

Training on the Leash

If your Rottie pulls on the leash, a martingale collar is likely the best pick. Martingale collars tighten when your dog pulls and loosens when they relax, inherently rewarding loose leash walking and providing a noticeable correction when your dog pulls. 

There is absolutely no point in trying to use a collar to inflict pain when your dog pulls, like a choke collar or a prong collar. Not only might this hurt your relationship with your Rottweiler or hurt your Rottie, but it also won’t be effective

Rottweilers have been bred to work through discomfort and pain, and a little bit or even a lot of discomfort won’t cause your dog to stop pulling. In fact, it’s most likely to just cause your dog to focus on pulling more. 

Therefore, a martingale is the best collar to teach your dog not to pull on the lead. 

Best Collars for Rottweilers

Best everyday collar: Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar for All Breeds

Black Rhino - The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar for All Breeds - Heavy Duty...
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This is one of the sturdiest straightforward buckle collars that you are going to find. It is a full inch wide so it won’t cut into your Rottweiler’s neck even if you apply a lot of pressure. 

It’s lined with neoprene padding to provide optimal comfort on your dog’s throat, particularly when they are pulling against the leash. The neoprene lining doesn’t stop at the edge of the nylon, but extends over the edge, so the nylon edge won’t cut into your dog’s throat. 

This collar comes in a range of attractive collars including red, aqua, blue, and pink. The neoprene lining is what’s colored, with the nylon black over it. The black nylon has reflective stitching so that your Rottweiler will be visible at night. 

While this caller is heavy-duty, it is also lightweight so that it will be comfortable for your dog to wear all of the time. Both the nylon and neoprene are quick drying and don’t hold odor. 

This collar fastens with a very sturdy buckle design, not a latching clasp, so there is practically no possibility of it coming undone. This company guarantees a money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with it when it arrives. 

What I love about it: The width of this collar with the overlapping neoprene lining provides one of the most comfortable collars even when Rottweilers pull hard against it.

What I wish it had: the buckle mechanism, while secure, can be frustrating to take off and put on, particularly when the collar is damp. 


Best collar for handling: Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar with Handle 

Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar with Handle | Ballistic Nylon Heavy Duty Collar | Padded...
  • TOUGH DOG COLLAR BUILT TO LAST – Heavy duty dog collar with metal buckle built with 3mm thick rip and...
  • INTEGRATED STRETCH BUNGEE SAFETY HANDLE – Convenient integrated bungee stretch handle enables easier...

If you often need to take your Rottweiler by the collar and are sick of being worried about the collar slipping off or not being able to get a good grip, you’ll absolutely love this heavy-duty collar with a handle. This is the ideal collar for handling your Rottweiler during bite work training, agility, or herding.

The collar itself is extremely sturdy, with a tough stainless steel buckle and hardware and a double strap of ballistic nylon able to handle as much as 550 pounds of pressure. It is 1 in thick and padded so that it won’t cut into your Rottweiler’s neck, even when they are using a lot of force to pull against the collar.

It comes in a number of great colors, including red, forest green, hot pink, and midnight blue. The color extends across the nylon and the neoprene, not just the padding, which is a smoother look that some people prefer. Every collar is stitched with reflective lining for nighttime visibility. 

The handle that is incorporated into the collar sits smoothly against the collar when it’s not being used so that you won’t have to worry that your Rottweiler will snag it on anything. When you do want to use the handle, you will appreciate how wide it is, as well as the stretch bungee material that provides you with a much more comfortable hold. 

As an added advantage, the stretch material gives your Rottweiler the ability to lunge against the collar while you hold it, which is ideal for amping a dog up for bite work. 

You can buy with confidence knowing that you can send the collar back within 30 days at no cost to you. It also comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects. If you’re looking for a tough buckle collar that is ideal for handling your dog, this might be the right one for you.

What I love about it: The bungee handle on this collar makes it incredibly easy to handle even a very powerful and rambunctious Rottweiler at close quarters, making it ideal for all kinds of hands-on work with your dog.

What I wish it had: The neoprene lining stops at the end of the nylon, which means this collar might be more likely to push into your dog’s neck when they are putting a lot of pressure on it than a collar that has overlapping neoprene lining.


Most stylish collar: DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar

DAIHAQIKO Dog Collar, Genuine Leather Dog Collar, Heavy Duty Dog Collar, Wide Dog Collar for Small...
  • 【100% genuine leather】Leather dog collar is made of top layer cowhide, soft, flexible, and durable,...
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Your Rottweiler is a gorgeous dog, and you want a collar that emphasizes their stylish good looks. This 100% genuine leather collar is strong enough to hold up to 350 lb of pressure and snazzy enough to look great doing it. 

A metal alloy buckle and D ring keep rust and corrosion away even if your dog enjoys playing in the water. If you’re looking for a stylish gift for a Rottweiler lover in your life, you’ll appreciate the charming packaging that it comes in; a handmade box appropriate to give as a gift for any occasion. You can also purchase a matching leash if you want the full effect. 

You can purchase with confidence since there is a 60-day return period with no questions asked. The collar is guaranteed for an entire year against quality issues. The natural leather collar comes in either black or brown and either dual stitch or single stitch, but you’ll want to choose dual stitch for maximum strength for your Rottweiler.

What I love about it: It’s hard to beat the combination of style and strength that this high-quality leather collar has to offer.

What I wish it had: The stitching is not reflective, so this collar won’t provide any additional visibility to your Rottweiler at night. 


Best working collar: Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar

Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar Military Nylon Heavy Duty Metal Buckle with Control Handle for...
  • Dog collar is made of high strength and durable nylon material,heavy duty metal buckle make it hard to...
  • This collar is great for dog walking, training, patrolling, hiking,runing,the soft padded lining has no...

If your Rottweiler has a job to do, this might be the collar for them. 1000d nylon and heavy-duty metal buckles provide plenty of security for even a very strong Rottweiler. A handle is slightly raised up from the collar but lies low enough that it won’t get snagged on anything. 

This handle is perfect for gently guiding your working Rottweiler in whatever tasks they need to perform, as well as for taking control of the head when necessary. This collar is thoroughly padded with a thick neoprene lining that extends past the edge of the nylon, so it won’t cut into your dog’s neck even if they pull. It is a full 1.5 inch wide, which is a half-inch wider than most other collars. This extra width can provide additional comfort for your working Rottweiler. 

It comes in four discrete collars, including black, camo, and ranger green. The entire outer layer of the collar is lined with velcro so you can mark it with identifying information. 

This feature is what makes it the ideal working dog collar. You can put information like the dog’s name or your number so that somebody can call without having to handle your dog if your dog escapes or is lost. 

You can also put information that designates their working role, like, “Service Dog,” or, “Don’t pet.” An added benefit to this velcro attachment system is that your dog won’t have to wear dangling tags that make noise and could get in the way of their work. 

What I love about it: This is a very tough, sturdy collar that is ideal for working dogs thanks to the extensive velcro space for you to put whatever kind of labeling you want.

What I wish it had: There is no reflective stitching, so while your dog will be easily identifiable during the day, they may be invisible at night. Granted, this may be an advantage for some working dogs, like police or protection dogs.


Best leash-walking collar: Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Martingale Collar

If you find that you are having trouble with your Rottweiler pulling on walks, you’re not alone. Rottweilers were bred to be cart pulling dogs, along with all of their other various jobs. 

Therefore, most Rottweilers have a natural instinct to pull. That instinct, combined with a very large and powerful dog, can lead to some pretty unpleasant walks. 

If you have trouble with your Rottweiler pulling on walks, this martingale collar can help. This sturdy martingale is easy to put on your Rottweiler, thanks to the simple snap buckle clasp. You don’t have to worry about the buckle giving out like other snap buckles, thanks to the locking mechanism that keeps the collar firmly in place until you’re ready to take it off. 

The sudden pressure and the sound of the chain tightening provide immediate feedback to your Rottweiler when they pull,  which can be highly helpful in aiding you in their training. This collar is an inch thick but is not padded, so your Rottweiler will feel the pressure more than with a padded collar, although it won’t hurt your Rottie. 

This collar comes in a number of attractive collars, each of which is equipped with reflective stitching to make your Rottweiler visible in the evening. The adjustment slider has a loop for tags so that you won’t have to hang tags from the leash-attachment loop. As an added benefit to buying this collar, you can feel good because they donate a collar to an animal shelter for every collar that is purchased.

What I love about it: This collar offers a limited-slip correction along with the sound of chain tightening, which can be perfect for training your Rottweiler to walk on a loose leash

What I wish it had: The little tab on the slider doesn’t feel secure enough to trust with tags, and it would be nice if this collar had a velcro attachment for ID on the main part of the collar. 


Best escape-proof collar: CollarDirect Martingale Dog Collar

CollarDirect Martingale Dog Collar Nylon Safety Training Tribal Pattern Adjustable Heavy Duty...
  • Pattern 2, Size L may fit 15"-20" dog's neck. Width is 1 1/2''. Please measure your dog's neck with a...
  • Our martingale dog collar is a perfect combination of high quality, style and comfort.

If your Rottweiler’s head is about the same size as their neck, and you are worried about them slipping out of a collar or breaking a buckle, this might be the collar for you. This sturdy Martingale collar slips over your Rottweiler’s head, so there is no buckle to worry about breaking. 

The limited-slip tightens so that it is practically impossible for your Rottweiler to pull their head out of the collar when you put resistance on the leash. This sturdy nylon collar is 1 1/2 in thick, so while it doesn’t offer additional padding, it is thick enough to be comfortable for most Rottweilers.

It comes in three fun tribal patterns, so if you want your Rottie to look stylish but not intimidating, this is a superb collar for you to choose. It is made out of materials that do not tend to cause allergies, so if your dog’s neck has been irritated by other collars, this might be a good option for you. 

What I love about it: the Buckle free limited-slip design makes this collar next to inescapable for even the most determined Rottweiler

What I wish it had: This collar has neither reflective lining nor velcro ID, so it won’t help with visibility or identifying your dog at a distance. 


Closing Thoughts

The collar that you choose for your Rottweiler is extremely important. The right collar is secure, comfortable, and practical. Depending on what you want to do with your Rottweiler, different collars will work best for you, but whatever your needs are, you are very likely to have found the ideal collar for your Rottweiler on this list. If you know of another collar that works well for Rottweilers, please let me know! 

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