6 Best Collars for Pitbulls

best collar for pitbull

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Pitbulls are some of the most beloved dogs in America, despite having an undeserved negative reputation with many people. Because Pitbulls are extremely powerful dogs, it is very important that the collar you choose is strong enough for them. 

You may also want a collar that helps disarm people who may be frightened of the breed or on the other side of things, a collar that encourages caution so that your dog can be a deterrent to criminals when you are out on a walk.

Despite their reputation for tough guys in the dog world, Pitbulls actually can be prone to sensitive skin, so it’s important that the collar you choose does not irritate their neck. Because their neck and head are often of a similar thickness, they may be more likely to slip out of a collar than some other breeds, requiring careful consideration in your collar choice.

Here’s what you need to know about how to choose the best collar for your Pitbull, as well as some suggestions to help you choose just the right collar for your needs. 

  1. Best Everyday collar: Black Rhino - The Comfort Collar
  2. Best Collar for Stylish Pitties: Riparo Genuine Leather Dog Heavy Duty Collar
  3. Best Collar for Handling: Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar with Handle
  4. Most Stylish Training Collar: Country Brook Design - 1 1/2 Inch Martingale Dog Collar
  5. Easiest Collar to Take On and Off: Elite Spanker Tactical Dog Collar
  6. Best Color Options For Pitbull Divas: Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collars

Why Might Pitbulls Need a Specific Type of Collar?

Pitbulls are extremely strong dogs that can have a tendency to pull on the leash more than some other breeds. Therefore, a very strong collar is an important point when choosing a collar for your Pitbull. Furthermore, since Pitbulls have very thick necks, sometimes nearly as thick as their head, they can sometimes slip out of regular collars more easily, making a very secure collar important. 

Pitbulls tend to have an undeserved negative reputation, so you not only need a collar that will be able to hold your Pitbull without trouble, but you also may want one that helps to undo some of the negative perceptions that people may have when seeing your Pitbull. You may also want a collar that reinforces those perceptions, preventing criminals from bothering you when you’re with your dog. 

What to Look For in a Pitbull Collar


Pitbulls are extremely powerful dogs that are very adept at pulling. Because they are low to the ground and have powerful claws, they can rip into the turf and pull with incredible strength. 

Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you choose a collar that can hold up to the ability of a Pitbull to pull. Belt buckle style designs are often chosen for Pitbulls since they prevent you from having to worry about relying on a clasp to keep your Pitbull from breaking out of the collar.

If you do choose a clasp buckle style collar, you want to be completely confident that the clasp will hold up to even intense pressure. Another option is to choose a martingale style collar that can slip over your Pitbull’s head and then be adjusted the fit. You can check out my favorite martingale options for Pitbulls on here

Won’t Slip Over Their Head

Pitbulls tend to have very thick necks, sometimes as thick as their skull. That can make it easier for a collar to slip over a Pitbull’s head than with other breeds. You need a collar that can fit close to your Pitbull’s neck so that they won’t be able to pull out of it. 

To be on the safe side, many Pitbull owners choose a martingale collar. Martingale collars have limited tightening so that they will tighten enough that there is no way they will pull over your Pitbull’s head but will not tighten enough to choke or injure them. 

Depending on your Pitbull’s unique build and the size of their head in relation to their neck, you may choose a standard buckle collar or a martingale collar. Whatever kind of collar you choose, be sure to try to pull it over your dog’s head yourself before trusting them on the leash with it.


Pitbulls are very intelligent and trainable, but they are also extremely strong. If your Pitbull isn’t fully trained or if they have triggers that cause them to fight the collar or lunge against the leash such as if they see a prey animal or another dog, it is very important that you choose a collar that gives you a lot of control over your Pitbull. 

Collars with an attached handle are a great option for being able to control your Pitbull’s head and eliminate lunging while preventing them from digging into the dirt and using their full strength to pull. Pitbull collars need to be closely fit to prevent them from slipping over their head. Therefore, it may be more important to have a separate handle to take control of your Pitbull than for other breeds which you may more easily be able to handle by holding the collar itself.

No Rub

Pitbulls tend to have somewhat sensitive skin. They have a relatively fine, single-layer coat that may not offer as much protection to their skin as other breeds. Many Pitbulls are also prone to skin allergies. 

Therefore, it’s very important that the collar you choose does not rub against your Pitbull’s skin in an irritating way. Collars without sufficient padding or width may even rub the hair off around the neck. A collar with padding is a great option, but at the minimum, you should choose a wide collar that distributes pressure across a larger area of skin.

Make the Right Impression

Despite being one of the most popular dogs in America, Pitbulls also tend to be some of the most misunderstood. Even though most are even-tempered and generally extremely good-natured with all people, many folks assume the worst when they see these powerful pups.

In most cases, it’s a good idea to discourage this stereotype and it’s hard to be intimated by a Pitbull wearing a fully blinged-out rhinestone collar like this one.

In other situations, you may want your Pitbull to look more intimidating. You may have trained your Pitbull for protection or want their intimidating appearance to dissuade criminals from bothering you out on walks. In this case, you may want to choose a tactical-looking collar that warns people not to touch with an attached patch or you may want to choose a collar with a tough-looking print.

How Are You Going to Use The Collar?

The right collar for you and your Pitbull depends on what you want from the collar. If you want to train your Pitbull in attack work, you may choose a very different collar than if you want a collar that will help your dog not pull as much on walks. Think carefully about what your goals are for your dog now and in the future to help you choose the right kind of collar for your dog’s needs.

Everyday Wear

Everyday wear means you’ll want a little bit of everything. This is the collar that you’ll use for your dog’s tags and regular walks. That means you’ll probably want a collar that is well-padded, wide enough to be comfortable, and non-irritating to your dog’s skin. It will also need to be strong enough to hold up to pulling since most Pitbulls pull at least occasionally when they see something that excites them.


Pitbulls are not a classic choice for bite work because they tend to be very loving and good-natured with people. However, because of their intimidating appearance, intense loyalty to their owners, and relative fearlessness and strong intelligence, some individuals can be trained to excel in bite work. 

The best collar for bite work generally has a handle so that you can control your dog until it is time to let them loose to go in for the attack without having to unlatch a leash. A handle can also be helpful when you take control of your dog again after the bitework is complete.

Training Not to Pull

Pitbulls tend to be somewhat of natural pullers. They excel in pulling competitions and have a natural drive to use their muscular build and low stature to grip into the ground and pull with incredible strength. 

For the average person who would like to take their Pitbull for a walk, the tendency to pull can be somewhat problematic in a Pitbull. Some leashes, like martingales, may provide more feedback to your Pitbull when they pull, making training easier. 

Your Pitbull can feel the Martingale tightening around their neck, which can be a stimulus that you train them to understand means they should stop pulling so hard. Being able to hold onto a handle when your dog pulls hard can also help to prevent them from lunging and digging in, which gives you control of a dog that can pull very hard. 

Best Collars for Pitbulls

Now that you know exactly what you’re looking for along with a good idea of how you’re going to use the collar, let’s look at our favorite options for that special Pitbull pup!

Best Everyday Collar: Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar

Black Rhino - The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar for All Breeds - Heavy Duty...
  • SIZING - Please Note: Our sizing may differ from other brands. PLEASE Measure and Order Accordingly -...
  • NEOPRENE PADDING - Give your dog the comfort he/she deserves. Each collar is lined with a soft neoprene...

If you want a sturdy, comfortable everyday collar for your Pitbull, this may be the one for you. It comes in a range of colors to match your dog’s unique style. Each collar has black nylon at the top and colored neoprene padding underneath. 

The neoprene padding keeps your Pitbull’s neck from being rubbed or irritated even if your dog pulls hard against the collar or plays in mud or water. Since Pitbulls have a single coat that may not do much to protect their skin and since some can have sensitive skin, it is especially important to choose a collar like this with good padding.

Neoprene dries easily and resists odors, so no matter how messy your Pitbull gets, the collar will still hold up. We talked a lot about the benefits of neoprene in our article about the best life jackets for Pitbulls which you can check out there

This collar is designed to be lightweight enough to be very comfortable for your Pitbull but is extremely heavy-duty. The belt-buckle mechanism is among the most secure you’re likely to find. You won’t have to worry about either the buckle or the collar itself giving way, even if your Pitbull pulls very hard on the leash. 

The outer nylon has reflective stitching to keep your dog safe at night if you go for a nighttime stroll or if your Pitbull gets loose. These collars are made to last and hold up to abuse, making them a great pick for even the most energetic Pitbull. You can feel confident about your purchase thanks to the 100% refund option if you’re not happy. 

You can read more reviews and check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I love about it: The neoprene lining protects your Pitbull’s sensitive skin and won’t cause the hair to rub off the way some other collars would, even if you’re Pitbull pulls hard.

What I wish it had: This collar is very secure, which is wonderful, but it can be a bit frustrating to put on and take off, particularly when the neoprene is damp. 


Best Collar for Stylish Pitties: Riparo Genuine Leather Dog Heavy Duty Collar

It’s hard to beat genuine leather when it comes to style, and this very cool collar has the added advantage of also coming in a number of color options so you can choose the look that is best for your Pitbull. You won’t sacrifice comfort by choosing the stylish collar, since it has sheepskin padding on the inside to provide a non-irritating and smooth surface against your Pitbull’s delicate skin. 

A width 1 1/2in for the large size, 1.75in for extra-large, and 2in for the extra-extra-large makes sure that there is sufficient width to not cut into your dog’s neck. The extra-extra-large also includes two buckle holes for an extra secure fit for very strong Pitbulls. 

Genuine full-grain aniline naturally tanned leather is long-lasting, durable against weather and dirty conditions, and won’t irritate your dog’s skin with any harsh dyes or chemicals. The D-ring and buckle are both made of surgical-grade stainless steel hardware and lacquered to stop corrosion or rust from developing even if your dog loves to play in the water and mud.

This collar is environmentally friendly too, as it comes in a recyclable bag and does not have excess materials or clamshell plastic that you’ll have to throw out after you open it. You can feel good about purchasing this collar that donates 1% of all of their sales to shelters and animal rescue groups. This fact may be especially attractive to the Pitbull owner since so many Pitbulls are unfortunately in shelters. 

You can check out all the color options and the latest price on Amazon by clicking here

What I love about it: The width and sheepskin padding make this a very comfortable collar as well as being stylish, particularly well-suited to a Pitbull’s sensitive skin.

What I wish it had: This collar has only single stitching, so while the stitching is quite secure, if it’s ripped or begins to come loose, it may come loose all the way along the collar. I’d love to see a double stitch option.


Best Collar for Handling: Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar with Handle

Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar with Handle | Ballistic Nylon Heavy Duty Collar | Padded...
  • TOUGH DOG COLLAR BUILT TO LAST – Heavy duty dog collar with metal buckle built with 3mm thick rip and...
  • INTEGRATED STRETCH BUNGEE SAFETY HANDLE – Convenient integrated bungee stretch handle enables easier...

Pitbulls can be very powerful pullers. It can be hard to keep control of a Pitbull if they tend to lunge and dig into the ground when they pull. This collar comes with a built-in handle to take control of your Pitbull so that you can prevent them from lunging or digging in. The handle enables much better control with much less effort. 

It is also an ideal collar for training exercises like protection work when you want to keep your Pitbull by your side and then release them when needed without having to unclip a leash. Finally, the handle comes in handy when you are walking in heavy foot traffic or anywhere else that you want to have total control of your Pitbull’s body by taking control of the neck. The handle allows you to do this quickly without having to reign in your leash.  

The handle sits very close to the collar so you don’t have to worry about it being snagged on anything during normal use. However, when you need to use it to walk or control your dog, the elasticity gives you a good handhold.

This collar is built to be strong, with fray-proof ballistic nylon that’s 3mm thick. The buckle and hardware are 100% stainless steel. The belt buckle design makes it nearly impossible for your Pitbull to break out of it, no matter how hard they may pull. The interior of this collar is padded to protect your Pitbull’s sensitive skin. The padding is of a mesh designed to enable great breathability so that it won’t be hot on your dog’s neck. 

Dual stitching is very secure and will hold up even if it gets ripped a bit. The stitching is also reflective for added protection in the nighttime. This collar comes in a variety of cute colors so that you can choose an ideal style for your dog.

Tuff Pupper is proud of their customer service record. They offer a lifetime warranty on any manufacturer defects and allow you to have a replacement at no cost within the first 30 days if you find anything wrong with the collar.

You can check all the colors and see today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I love about it: The close-fitting handle is a very convenient feature if you find yourself struggling to control a powerful Pitbull.

What I wish it had: While the handle is effective, it does have some give to it (since it’s elastic) which can take some getting used to. 


Most Stylish Training Collar: Country Brook Design – 1 1/2 Inch Martingale Dog Collar

Country Brook Petz - I Love Mom Martingale Dog Collar - Attitude Collection with 2 Untamed Designs...
  • 1 1/2 INCH WIDTH | Adjustable from 18 inch - 26 inch neck. Watch our sizing video and measure for the...
  • I LOVE MOM | Take a walk on the wild side with this tattoo pattern from Country Brook Petz. Bold red and...

Is your Pitbull a bit of an escape artist, able to slip their heads out of many normal collars? Do you want a collar with tightening action to reduce pulling? This collar is a great option. Because many Pitbulls have a very thick neck that may be almost the same width as their head, pulling out of the collar is a common problem for many Pitbull owners. 

Martingale collars like this one provide limited tightening that prevents your Pitbull from being able to pull out the collar no matter how hard they try, but won’t tighten so much that they choke or hurt your dog. This Martingale is 1 ½in wide, which spreads out the pressure, preventing irritation to your dog’s neck even though it does not provide extra padding on the inside. 

This collar doesn’t have a buckle, so there is nothing to let loose even if your dog pulls very hard or erratically against it. Instead of using a buckle, you will loosen the collar with the adjustment slider, put it on, and tighten it again. This collar has a fun design that many Pitbull owners may enjoy. If you’d prefer another design, Country Brook offers a large range of patterns in this quality collar along with matching leashes. 

You can check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I love about it: The width of this collar gives a lot of confidence that it will hold up to even the most powerful dogs and also provides good comfort even without padding 

What I wish it had: While the lack of a buckle is an added level of security for dogs that fight the collar, putting it on and off by adjusting the slider can be frustrating, especially since Martingale collars should be taken off when not in use.

Easiest Collar to Take On and Off: Elite Spanker Tactical Dog Collar

EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Collar Nylon Adjustable K9 Collar Military Dog Collar Heavy...
  • Durable Material. This heavy duty dog collar for medium & large dogs with handle is made of high quality...
  • Magic sticker and quick release metal buckle double closure with this military style padded metal buckle...

If you want to take your Pitbull’s collar off whenever you’re not using it for training or walking, you may be frustrated by collars that have a belt buckle style clasp or that require you to adjust the size slider to take the collar on and off. This heavy-duty collar comes with an extremely durable, tough clip that is very unlikely to let go accidentally but is easy for you to take off or put on when you want to. It has a double layer of protection with a hook and loop closure first and then the buckle. 

This collar is made of 1000 D nylon material that is designed to hold up to even the strongest dogs. Two layers of this sturdy nylon make it almost impossible for your dog to break free of this collar. Neat, close-fitting stitching is very unlikely to be snagged on anything. The inside is padded with a soft material to avoid chafing of your Pitbull’s sensitive skin.

This collar includes a handle that makes it superb for training or handling your dog in close quarters. When you don’t want to use the handle, a hook and loop closure keeps it tight against the collar so that there is very little chance of it being snagged on anything. 

A layer of hook-and-loop fabric on the outside of the collar allows you to attach patches with information like declaring an emotional support or service animal or warning people not to pet your dog. It comes in four neutral colors to match the look of any Pitbull pup. 

You can see all the colors and the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I love about it: This collar combines rare characteristics of being easy to take off and put on but very unlikely to come loose on its own.

What I wish it had: There is no reflective stitching on this collar, so it will not improve your dog’s nighttime visibility. 

Best Color Options for Pitbull Divas: Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collars 

Berry Pet Rhinestones Dog Collars - 5 Rows Full Sparkly Crystal Diamonds Studded PU Leather - 2 Inch...
  • ❤ THICK DURABLE PU LEATHER - The material of the collar is PU leather. It's thick and strong,but soft
  • ❤ FASHION & STYLISH - It's full studded by bling bling rhinestones.Funny and amazing pet neck...

Despite the fact that the vast majority of Pitbulls are extremely sweet and loving to all people, they have one of the worst and most undeserved reputations of any common American breed. If you would like a collar that takes some steps to reduce this negative impression of your Pitbull, this may be the right one for you. 

It comes in several very non-threatening colors like hot pink, purple, and turquoise. It is studded with five rows of rhinestones, which will make your Pitbull sparkle just like their lovable personality. 

The collar is sturdy as well, made of PU leather with a heavy-duty belt buckle clasp that is unlikely to come undone even if your Pitbull pulls hard against it. The rhinestones are laid in with alloy to keep them as firmly attached as possible, although there’s always the possibility of them falling off, especially if your Pitbull is hard on their collar. 

There is a 60-day quality guarantee so you can feel some confidence about your purchase. While this collar does not have padding on the inside, it is 2in wide, which helps to distribute pulling pressure and keep your Pitbull’s delicate skin comfortable. The leather is also quite flexible and soft even without padding. If you want a collar that declares your Pitbull’s sweet personality and reduces bad reactions, this may be a good option to choose.

You can see all the blinged-out options along with today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I love about it: Inlaid alloy design makes it much less likely that rhinestones will fall off of this collar compared to other similar rhinestone collars.

What I wish it had: This collar does not have any paddling, and the alloy will sit against your Pitbull’s skin, which may irritate some sensitive Pitbulls.

Closing Thoughts

Pitbulls are powerful dogs, which makes the collar that you choose very important. Whether you are choosing a collar with which to walk your dog or you just want a sturdy collar in case you need to take control of them in the house or yard, choosing a heavy-duty collar is important. 

If you want extra control, choosing a collar with a handle may also be wise. You also want a collar that will look stylish on your dog. You are very likely to find that the perfect collar for your Pitbull is included in this list.

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