4 Rotties Show All The Love To Their Human Baby Sibling

rottweiler and baby

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Like many bully breeds, Rottweilers are often falsely stereotyped as an aggressive breed.

But here at Not A Bully, we’re all about showing people that breed alone doesn’t determine behavior and these big Rotties are a shining example of that. Check out these four happy and waggy Rottweilers as they meet their human sibling.

@therottyranch🥺🥺🥺♬ original sound – The Rotty Ranch

Waggy tail nubs and gentle licks from all four big Rotties!

And we’re far from the only people that absolutely love this video! It’s only been live for about a week but in that time it’s generated millions of views. Yep, these big Rotties are going viral!

There are also more than 6,000 comments and while some folks are skeptical most are supportive. Keep in mind, these are not strange Rottweilers and the folks who made the viral video (TheRottyRanch) are very experienced Rottweiler owners.

Other commenters are curious about the docked tails on these Rotties and @Jaidabunni asked “Someone educate me a bit! Why do people cut their dogs tails?” That’s something we’ve written a lot about in most cases it’s related to showing the dogs (which isn’t a great practice) or a practical choice for working Rottweilers.

Others joked about just how secure that home must be and @lily said “that’s one protected baby” and @dominicanjonnent joked “They must protect the king 🤴🏽” But these folks are definitely not wrong and Rottweilers really do make great guard dogs with the right training.

I’m so glad we’re seeing more and more videos like this that really highlight how great this breed is!

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