Want to know which states have taken a stand against BSL?

Breed-specific legislation, as well as breed bans, are hot-topics amongst dog owners throughout the States. Especially for those who live in the areas where certain types of dog are completely restricted. Here we bring you a map of the US where you can see which states have taken some steps against Breed-Specific Legislation. As you can see on the map below, the number of US states with (or at least considering) anti-BSL provisions is slowly increasing. Since more and more recent studies show that cities, where laws ban certain dog types who are labeled as “dangerous” or “vicious”, don’t actually record the decrease in the number of dog bites, they tend to focus on some other forms of regulations regarding the problem.

As you can see in the photo above, there are 18 States with anti-BSL provisions and another 6 States considering it. The important thing to say about those countries is that their laws and regulation target dogs as individuals and dog owners are therefore a subject to heightened responsibility and liability for their pets’ behavior. If you’d like to see some practical examples of how it works in some of the US cities, check our article on Alternatives To Breed Specific Legislation and find out more.

The reason behind taking a stand against Breed-Specific Legislation is that numbers show how in most of the cities and/or States, the introduction of Breed-Specific Legislation didn’t lead to decrease in the number of dog-bite related fatalities and cases. What we, the dog owners, need is the regulation of breeding, education, and creation of low-cost spay and neuter programs for our pets. Our laws should enforce penalties for dogfighting and irresponsible ownership and not support expensive politics that kill our pets and devastate our families… and give NO RESULT! #stopBSL


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