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“Not A Bully” Portrait Series Under Way!
Behind the scenes at the portrait series shoot!

Today I had a great group of rescue bully breed dogs in studio today to have their portraits taken for the Not A Bully campaign (studio space graciously donated by Charles Butler, who runs Union206 photography studio in Alexandria, VA, which is a great rental photo studio space I use often). I promise we will post photos when they are ready. Thanks to my volunteers that assisted and shot behind the scenes today: Fabiano Reani, Aj LaGrave, Emily Abril, Hannah Yoest. Also, special note to my volunteer graphic designer Maggie Cameron for logo design and text layout. Amazing job.

Want your rescue to be a part of the campaign? Fill out your information below:


One response to ““Not A Bully” Portrait Series Under Way!”

  1. Beautiful light! Photographing pets is tough for me–not sure why. Great looking pup!

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