Michigan : No bans on pit bulls allowed!

As Michigan’s Senate said – No bans on pit bulls allowed there!

They voted 22 – 13 on behalf of the prohibition of local governments from dictating BSL regulations on specific dog breeds. Since it was voted by the Senate, the bill now goes to the House for consideration, says UsNews.

Currently, there are around 30 local governments in the State of Michigan that enforce BSL in some form. Some towns entail outright bans, while others demand methods such as compulsory neutering or liability insurances, but according to this new Senate’s decision, that might soon change.

Lately, more and more States are considering banning BSL regulations which target canines perceived as aggressive, like pit bulls, American terriers, Rottweilers… In Michigan, targeted breeds were Pit bulls more than any other, but that’s likely to change soon.

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