Hats Off To Delaware Legislators!

Delaware has joined 18 others states in banning breed-specific legislation that discriminates against certain breeds! About 7 months ago, Delaware Governor John Carney signed House Bill 13 which specifically prohibits dogs from being labeled as dangerous based only the breed of the dog. When you say it like that, doesn’t the whole concept of breed specific legislation just sound ridiculous? House Bill 13 also restricts municipalities within Delaware from enacting any type of breed restrictive legislation.

Even better, according to The Dodo, Governor John Carney signed the bill within the Delaware Humane Society. Happy, healthy dogs of all breeds were present when the life saving, and just plain practical, the bill was signed into law. We can’t think of a better setting for such an event.

Delaware legislators clearly have a great grasp of why BSL doesn’t work. The executive director of Delaware’s Office of Animal Welfare commented, “HB 13 is in the best interest of public safety, it will ensure that laws are enforced consistently across the state, based on the actions of a dog or dog owner, and not a dog’s physical appearance.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

This change makes the northeast one of the best places to be a bully breed with New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia all having similar anti-BSL laws on the books. This is why it is so important for Coloradans and residents of Denver, Aurora and surrounding areas to take interest in the legislation of their neighbors. It is not unusual to see these types of legislative effects occur in a sort of domino effect.

Get out there and let’s be the first domino!

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