Aurora Animal Shelter Finds A Way Around BSL Euthanasia

Even though the breed specific legislation has been in place since 2005, animal welfare organizations are still finding new ways around the restrictive laws. Aurora Animal Shelter, a government-funded shelter, is now transferring pit bulls from the Aurora location to other Colorado shelters where the breed ban is not in place. The first question I asked was, “Where are these pit bulls coming from if there is a city-wide pit bull ban?” While that alone should be a major indicator that the pit bull ban is not working, legislators are clearly not listening to facts when it comes to the breed ban so it is a bit of a moot point- at least for this post.

What is interesting is how many of the “illegal” dogs would have been euthanized in the past. But now, with new leadership and the same laws, these dogs are finding a positive outcome. With this system, it appears that pit bull type dogs are now being held to a standard more similar to other dogs. Still, I’m sure that the pit bull dogs are judged more harshly. And of course, they have to be. Aurora Animal Shelter is not the only organization that is looking to transport pit bulls so space is likely limited across the state.

This approach raises an interesting question about breed specific legislation in that the government animal control and sheltering facility, the same one intended to regulate this law, is the organization that is finding creative loopholes to work around it. If these dogs are so dangerous, then why should they be allowed to be house anywhere? Not only is BSL bad legislation in that it doesn’t solve any problem it is Not In My Backyard politics at its worst.

When we solve problems without considering the big picture we get short-sighted solutions. In the case of BSL, these solutions hurt dogs that are simply being placed up for adoption in surrounding counties without BSL laws. Are we seeing a high increase in dog bites in these areas?

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One thought on “Aurora Animal Shelter Finds A Way Around BSL Euthanasia

  • June 4, 2017 at 1:17 am

    Every decade or so we pick a breed of dog to be the villain–German Shepards, Dobermans, Rottweillers,
    and now Pitts. When are people going to learn that obviously it is not the breed that is the problem. The only constant over time has been ignorant and/or irresponsible owners. As long as people aren’t held to a standard of being a responsible owners we will have a so-called “dog problem”. We need people with dog knowledge and common sense and courage making dog decisions!


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