Notabully.org is dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of what are often referred to as “bully breeds”. This term originates from the barbaric practice of dog fighting in which the stockier breeds of dogs were used to bait (called bull baiting) the fighting dogs. But now, often simply refers to breeds that “look scary”, are big and muscular or have had extensive negative media coverage.

But what’s in a name? While many think that calling a dog a bully breed would have little to no harmful effects, the fact is that many of these breeds are then systematically discriminated against through breed-specific legislation, housing and landlord restriction and insurance barriers. As a result, these animals are funnelled to our streets and shelters where they’re often euthanized as a result of no adopters willing to take them on. What’s worse is that by creating an aura of fear around these breeds, the people who are most interested in them are the wrong people.

Notabully.org’s mission is to end these discriminatory practices and show that these dogs are simply dogs. They can be good and they can be bad. We cover issues across the nation but our home base is Aurora, Colorado. Denver is one of the more prominent cities with a Pit Bull breed ban and Aurora has several breed bans including American Bulldogs and Pit Bulls. We are committed to removing pointless and ineffective bans like these through public education.

It’s a long road, but we will get there.